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Jupiter in vedic astrology

April 6, 2016

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. It is an incandescent planet. The planet Jupiter is one of the most auspicious and most beneficial planets in the Vedic astrology. Jupiter is termed as Guru, Deva Guru, and Brihaspathi in the astrological context.

Jupiter is the complete naturally benefic planet, referred as ‘Subh-Graha’ an auspicious planet. Yes, no other astrological planets are wholly benefic as Jupiter.

Jupiter is the teacher of the gods and Devas. Jupiter is reputed as the supreme teacher. He is also a father of every living thing in the universe.


  • In Vedic texts, Jupiter influences the intellect, wisdom and speech of the cosmic body.
  • In Vishnu Purana, Jupiter incarnated as Lord Brahma.
  • In Siva Puranas, Jupiter is linked with Lord Ganesha.
  • In mythological tales and legends, Jupiter is linked with Angiras. He is also considered the son of Angira, who is the priest of Gods.

In Rig Veda, one of the holy books of Hindus, Guru Brihaspathi (the planet Jupiter) born to the wife of Angiras. He was born with seven faces and seven luminous rays. He was born as the science of lights, who rules Sun and Moon.

In Skanda Purana Jupiter is described as a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He worshipped Lord Shiva for 1000 years. Pleased by his devotion, Lord Shiva granted him a boon and made him the most benefic planet.

Astrological Implications of Jupiter

The transition phase of Jupiter is approximately 1 year. Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit around the Sun. It stays about 1 year in every zodiac sign (more or less a few days when Jupiter retrogrades).

  • Jupiter is a male planet.
  • Jupiter is friendly with Sun, Moon and Mars.
  • Jupiter is neutral with Saturn.
  • Jupiter has enmity with Mercury and Venus.
  • Jupiter is exalted in the zodiac sign cancer, ruled by Moon. Moon and Jupiter share great acquaintances.
  • Jupiter is debilitated in the zodiac sign Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.
  • Color of this planet is yellow, Thursday is the auspicious day and it rules number 3.

Jupiter owns 9th and 12th house based on Vedic astrology.  Jupiter is the lord of two houses,



Ninth house represents Good Fortune – Bhagyastana,

Jupiter is the lord of the following aspects.

1.Education and knowledge
2.Spirituality, religious inclination, holy places, pilgrim centers,
3.Luck, wealth and fortune
4.Job, career, profession and business
6.Gold jewelry
7.North-east direction
8.Astrology and Astronomy
9.Sound knowledge of Mantra, Vedas, etc.

Favorable transits of Jupiter

Jupiter transit happens once a year.

Transit of Jupiter in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses (calculated from the zodiac sign) brings favorable effects. For instance, in the current year (2015 to 2016), Jupiter is placed in Leo. It is very favorable for people born in the following rashis (zodiac signs).  

  • Cancer – 2nd house transit
  • Aries – 5th house transit
  • Aquarius – 7th house transit
  • Sagittarius – 9th house transit
  • Libra – 11th house transit   

Placement of Jupiter in Birth Chart

Being a divine planet, following placement of Jupiter in houses blesses the natives.

Favorable Placement of Jupiter in the Birth Horoscope:

In general, placement of Jupiter in ascendant (lagna) is one of the most desired placements as the native is blessed with wisdom, intellect, wealth, etc.

  • Jupiter gives more positive results when placed in Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) in a birth chart as well as in mool-trikona (2nd, 5th, and 9th) houses.
  • Jupiter becomes null / powerless when placed in 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

Jupiter never becomes a Malefic Planet

One of the interesting things about Jupiter is, it never give any malefic effects or become a malefic planet in spite of being positioned in any unfavorable places in a birth chart.

Jupiter placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house from ascendant will not provide any beneficial results to the native, but does not confer any malefic effect. Simply, it remains inactive with no power to bestow the native.

For instance, for Libra ascendants (ruled by Venus, which is an enemy planet of Jupiter) Jupiter becomes the lord of 3rd house and 6th house. Although Jupiter loses it beneficial effect, it never provides malefic results to the native. Simply, it doesn’t make Jupiter a malefic planet, rather makes it powerless.

Even when Jupiter is afflicted or combined with a malefic planet (say Mercury and Jupiter or Venus and Jupiter) Jupiter never becomes malefic, but becomes weak.   

However, the null effects of Jupiter badly influence a person due to lack of power from Jupiter.

Favorable Conjunctions of Jupiter:  

Moon and Jupiter
One of the most favorable and an auspicious conjunction is Jupiter and Moon.

Conjunction of Jupiter and moon forms Gaja-Kesari Yoga. Besides, this yoga is formed when Jupiter is placed in Kendra houses from Moon or vice versa.

It makes the native a warrior, blessed with immense wealth, knowledge and ability to overcome struggles from all parts of life.

Venus and Jupiter
Although Venus and Jupiter are enemies, the conjunction is desirable. Jupiter represents husband in a woman’s horoscope and Venus represents wife in a man’s horoscope.

Jupiter is an important planet in a woman’s horoscope as it influences the marriage and the relationship with the husband.

This combination bestows all possible benefits to the native from both planets.

Mercury and Jupiter

This conjunction makes a person extremely intellectual, skilled, highly knowledgeable and a scholar.
Sun and Jupiter
It makes a person very courageous, favored by government and the native with this conjunction will be wealthy.

Mars and Jupiter

Mars is a natural malefic planet and the conjunction of Jupiter reduces the ill effects of mars. Besides, this is a fortunate conjunction. If a person have manglik dosha, the dosha gets cancelled when Jupiter conjuncts or aspects Mars.

Saturn and Jupiter

Is it favorable conjunction or not? This is one of the very rare combination of planets, happens almost once in every 19 or 20 years. It is one of the rarest conjunctions, but favorable one. If the Saturn is malefic, Jupiter removes the negative effects of Saturn. If the Saturn is benefic, Jupiter expands the horizons to shower the native with immense wealth and fortune.

Ketu and Jupiter
Combination of Ketu and Jupiter represents that the native has reaped the good karma from the past lives.  

The effects of Jupiter with other planet conjunctions vary based on the number of house the planets are placed. If this combination arises in the houses other than 6th, 8th and 12th, it is favorable.

Unfavorable Conjunction of Jupiter:

One of the most unfavorable conjunctions is Jupiter and Rahu. This combination makes an unfavorable yoga or dosha called Guru-Chandal Yoga. In the current year (2016), Jupiter is placed with Rahu in Leo, which forms Guru-Chandal Yoga and this yoga continues until the Jupiter transits to Virgo during the month of August 2016.

  • Jupiter gives wealth, power, status, intelligence along with peace, happiness and stability in life.
  • To the contrary, Rahu gives wealth, power, etc without any sort of happiness and peace in life.

If Jupiter is strong in the native’s horoscope, it slightly reduces the negative effects of rahu. If Rahu is strong in the horoscope, the native is deprived of the effects from Jupiter.  

Guru-Chandal Yoga in 6th house almost destroys the harmony in the life of the native.

How to strengthen the weak / debilitated Jupiter

According to Vedic astrology, any one with weak Jupiter in the birth chart or during transits can do the following remedies to strengthen the effects of Jupiter.

  • Wear yellow clothes often
  • Light oil lamps at temple (in the nav-grah) on Thursdays
  • Help / respect the teachers, gurus, etc
  • Help the elders (those who are the age of your father / grandfather) or those who are needy
  • Clean the nose properly before starting any work
  • Offer chana dal (or a mala made with chana dal) to the Jupiter

When placed in highly favorable position in a natal chart, the native is bestowed with blessings from Jupiter.

Placement of Jupiter in a native’s horoscope directly depict the good deeds and bad deeds earned by the native (Karma) from the past lives of native. Even if Jupiter is not placed in a favorable position in the birth chart, transit of Jupiter provides good results to the natives based on their zodiac sign.

House lord and its position in different houses

March 11, 2016

House lord and its position in different houses

There are some ways to find out whether any house is well disposed or ill disposed.There are 12 houses in astrology.Each house is occupied by some planet and its lord too is placed somewhere.Good and bad results of any house depends upon planet placed in it,planet aspect and lord of the house placed in good houses or not,lord of the house conjunct positive or negative planet,lord of the house strong or weak.Out of so many factors here I present a small extract from marathi language book “Kundali Tantra ani mantra”written by Vasanth Damodar Bhat in 1965.

Results of  positions of lord of 1st house

From 1st house lord we need to see persons ability to fight with health issues,ambitious,position,fortune and happiness.Where 1st lord is placed that house improves.

1st house lord placed in 1st house itself:Health remains good, long-life ,possess good self confident.

1St house lord placed in 2nd house:Financial position keeps improving,person is selfish,gains good amount of wealth.

1st house lord placed in 3rd house:Person is brave,gets good job,successful in life,they give love and affection to their siblings,gets good support from siblings,gets good travel opportunities.

1st house lord placed in 4th house:happiness from mother,love and affection to mom,possess vehicle and house,good at heart.

1st house lord placed in 5th house: Very intelligent,education gets complete,happiness from kids,love and affection for kids,very fortunate.

1st house lord placed in 6th house:May not have good health,less ability to resist health issues,tendency to doubt,often worry a lot,irritating nature,always unsatisfied.

1st house lord placed in 7th house:Very supporting to people of opposite sex,compromising nature,happy married life,successful in competitions,lucky in terms of business partners,good travel opportunities.

1st house lord placed in 8th house:May not have good health,may reduce longevity,late rise of fortune.

1st house lord placed in 9th house:Very fortunate person,very successful career,travel to holy places,progress in religious matters,religious,they give respect to elder people they are humble in nature,long journeys happens.  

1st house lord placed in 10th house:Very energetic person,progress in job,progress in business,stable mind,high position,authority position,social status,respected,hardworking,progress in a short time,quick promotion in government jobs. 

1st house lord placed in 11th house:financial gains,in life enjoy good financial status,good social network,wishes get fulfilled.  

1st house lord placed in 12th house:May not get happiness,may not know the proper behaviour,always worried,may not enjoy good social network,long journeys,change of place,if with malefic planets then may get punished from government officials,if with good planets then it shows nature of charity.

Results of  positions of lord of 2nd house:

2nd house and and lord of 2nd house stands for finance and finance in family.Relation of 2nd lord with 5th,8th and 11th is considered good for finance.Well disposed 2nd house gives smooth flow of money and if ill placed it gives trouble in terms of finance.Its relationship with 3rd,6th and 12th is not considered good for smooth flow of money.

2nd house lord placed in 1st house:Such people are well behaved,willing to work hard for the money,love and affection in family.

2nd house lord placed in 2nd house:Very selfish in nature,may not care for others once self purpose is served,may not have nature to help others,stable finance in family,inheritance from parents or forefathers,financial gains.

2nd house lord placed in 3rd house:Such people are very talkative,fortune if in writing,if placed with malefic planets then relation with siblings may spoil on matters of finance,if 3rd lord is placed in 2nd house then financial status of siblings remains good,hard earned money.

2nd house lord placed in 4th house:may need to spend more money for family,financial gains from elders.

2nd house lord placed in 5th house:well qualified,fortunate in competitions,money saved for kids,money spending on kids.

2nd house lord placed in 6th house:money loss through cheaters or dishonest people,must keep watch on money and assets,money loss because of health issues.

2nd house lord placed in 7th house:may not enjoy good married life,partner may not have soft behaviour,business partnership may bring good wealth but there may be quarrels between partners.

2nd house lord placed in 8th house:sudden gain of wealth,old age life may go without money,richness at home,money earned through dishonest approach which may bring trouble for the family.  

2nd house lord placed in 9th house:9th house is a house of fortune,relation of 2nd house with house of fortune gives luck in terms of money opportunities.

2nd house lord placed in 10th house:progressive for job or business,money earned through help of elders.

2nd house lord placed in 11th house:good amount of money earned through self effort,financial status remains good.

2nd house lord placed in 12th house:may face trouble in travels,land or house if kept unattended may bring trouble,unstable finance,may face trouble from government official like heavy fine.

Results of positions of lord of 3rd house

Lord of 3rd house is the lord of bravery.Any planet with 3rd lord prosper in its inherent properties.The person acquire qualities of planet placed with 3rd lord.Relationship with friends,siblings or cousins is also studied from 3rd house.My personal observation is 3rd house also stands for social work like helping the needy and profession which involves solving problems of people.

3rd lord placed in 1st house:very brave,if with 1st lord then rise of fortune through self effort,very ambitious person,person with attitude,gets support from friends,siblings or cousins.

3rd lord placed in 2nd house:may get responsibilities of siblings,if placed with Venus may give interest in singing.

3rd lord placed in 3rd house:person is brave and courageous,may love to travel,thinker.    

3rd lord placed in 4th house:lovely environment at home,happiness from siblings,happiness from family members,does well in studies.

3rd lord placed in 5th house:much interest in learning,great writer,if 3rd lord venus,jupiter or mercury placed in 5th gives great intelligence,love for games and travel.

3rd lord placed in 6th house:not auspicious in matters of health,if placed with 8th lord may give reduce longevity,enmity with friends,siblings or cousins,travel or journeys may not go smooth and comfortable.

3rd lord placed in 7th house:love for arguments and debates,hardworking nature.

3rd lord placed in 8th house:may not get along with friends,siblings or cousins.

3rd lord placed in 9th house:gives intelligence,friends,siblings or cousins are fortunate,fortunate person,jolly nature,does good deeds in life.

3rd lord placed in 10th house:fortune in job,may have more than one business,travels often,dutiful and responsible.

3rd lord placed in 11th house:gain of wealth through self effort,large circle of friends,may know influential people,fulfills dreams and desires through self effort.

3rd lord placed in 12th house:friend,sibling or cousin reside at a distant place,may not get support from sibling,friend or cousin. 

Results of positions of lord of 4th house

4th house is important house in kendras.Person fame and power,peace and happiness,happiness of home is observed from 4th house and lord of 4th house.A planet conjoined with 4th lord is considered important.Person internal nature is to be seen from 4th house.Soft planets in 4th house gives happy and jolly nature and harsh planets like sun,Saturn,mars or Ketu gives reserved nature.

4th lord placed in 1st house:This placement gives person jolly and friendly nature,good health,love and affection for mother,may own house or land property,may own vehicles,such people progress well in life.

4th lord placed in 2nd house:financial status of family remains good,love and affection for the family members,speaks sweetly,his or her education gets complete.

4th lord placed in 3rd house:happiness from siblings.

4th lord placed in 4th house:owns houses and vehicles,friendly and peaceful environment at home,happiness from mother,gets high education,gets good sleep.

4th lord placed in 5th house:gets high education,with 5th lord or with Jupiter gives no hurdles in education,may have experimental nature.

4th lord placed in 6th house:may not get along with mother,if with Saturn then mother may not have good health,environment at home may not be peaceful.

4th lord placed in 7th house:good married life,good relations with mother.

4th lord placed in 8th house:may not get happiness,may not get happiness from mother,chances of vehicle accident if with mars,financial status of family not good.

4th lord placed in 9th house:very auspicious,progress in life,rise in fortune,gets all happiness,religious minded.

4th lord placed in 10th house:gets happiness of father,acquires wealth through self effort,progress well in career,respected,gets good positions in job,well known in his or her group,behaves good with people.

4th lord placed in 11th house:if placed with Jupiter or Venus gives popularity in group,benefit financially from family and friends,owns vehicle.

4th lord placed in 12th house:Spiritual progress,lots of travels,spoils happiness of home or resident,gives worries,may travel foreign places.

Results of positions of lord of 5th house

At younger age any kind of learning or education seen from 5th house and once the family has started then even relation with son or daughters or their progress in life is also seen from this house.Well disposed 5th house and 5th house lord gives good knowledge to person and bright future of kids.                       

5th lord placed in 1st house:gives happiness of child,love and affection for child,gives good education to person,gives peaceful mind,gives good health.

5th lord placed in 2nd house:well qualified,much benefited from acquired knowledge,financial progress happens,gets child happiness,love and affection for the family.

5th lord placed in 3rd house:intelligent,imaginative and thoughtful person.may have interest in writing,short journeys happens for education,gets support from siblings.

5th lord placed in 4th house:4th lord in 5th or 5th lord in 4th with moon,jupiter or venus gives very high education,may own house and vehicle,gains good amount of wealth.

5th lord placed in 5th house:very intelligent and talented,gets good education,with venus gives interest in poems or artistic things,with Jupiter gives good intelligence,gives child happiness.

5th lord placed in 6th house:slow progress in learning and education,may face obstacles in education,due to health issues education may get disturbed,may worry about child.       

5th lord placed in 7th house:friendship with person of opposite sex,may have interest in love marriage.

5th lord placed in 8th house:It gives unfavourable results,if 5th lord with harsh planets then person may have tendency to worry,money earned through speculation,may not get happiness from child.

5th lord placed in 9th house:may get scholarship in education,rise in fortune,progress well in education and learning,foreign travel for education,child born is intelligent and fortunate,progress well in education and religious,kind hearted.

5th lord placed in 10th house:Progress well in business and job,acquired education helps to get job in same field.

5th lord placed in 11th house:gets good wealth,good friends and enjoys good happiness of child.

5th lord placed in 12th house:often worried about kids,if placed with mars gives chances of miscarriage.     


Moon in 12 different houses

February 23, 2016

The planet moon is famous for some of his or her child like nature.What moon represents are given below
2.Child like tempting mind
3.They get a happy easily when appreciated and unhappy when someone puts negative comment.
4.Due to sensitive nature moon is easily attracted towards fun,pleasure and addictive things.
5.Moon is a planet due to which person may develop addiction easily.
6.In a day there are 60 thousand thoughts come in mind.From this you can realize how much moon makes you think in an entire   day.
7.Sensitive people gets hurt easily and develop envy towards that person very easily.
8.Its easy to be their friend and more easy to be their enemy.
9.Moon is a feminine planet.
10.Moon is curious planet.It is planet which gives person curiosity to know.
11.Imagination is also one talent which is given by moon.People under the influence of moon often imagine a lot.
12.Dreams are also indicated by Moon.
13.People under the influence of moon can become good psychologist.
14.A person with balanced moon will understand the mind of person easily.He or She can make out so many things from facial expression.

Moon in 1st house

This placement of moon gives person innocent look.Their approach towards people is kind.People are attracted towards them because of their nature to understand people.They understand mind of people very nice because of which people like them.But remember that people under the influence of moon are sensitive and may not tolerate dishonest approach.They are easy to be your friend and also easy to be your enemy.They are continuous reader of emotion,action and decision of others and always maintain soft and kind approach towards others.

Moon in 2nd house

Moon represents mind of the person.From moon you may get idea what person often think about.People with moon in 2nd house often think about money.They keep their observations constant on matters related to money.I may say that such people are very much money oriented.Remember that moon is sensitive in nature which sometimes don't give practical thinking.Sometimes out of fear and sometimes out of excitement these people are likely to loose money.In matters of money they may never feel satisfied even if earned good amount of money.Their mood completely depends upon money a lot.Advantage of this placement is this gives person many ideas and thoughts of earning money but most of them will be just imagination.More time they spent in imagination rather than acting on their ideas.
Moon in 3rd house

3rd house stands for friends,siblings,relatives and neighbour.The soft planets in 3rd house gives friendly nature to person and harsh planets in 3rd house gives harsh behaviour towards friends,siblings,relatives and neighbours. Because of moon in 3rd house the mind of the person thinks more about friends and may even develop emotional attachment towards them.If lord of 3rd is not placed in 6th,8th or 12th house then good support from them is expected.Due to soft planet moon you may have good circle of friends and you may also will be willing to do something for friends. 

Moon in 4th house   

4th house stands for home,family members,environment at home,land and properties.Planets like Jupiter,Venus and mercury gives peaceful environment at home and planets like Saturn,mars and ketu gives unhappy environment at home.The person don't feel satisfied and to some extent may maintain a reserved nature.

Moon in 4th house is completely neutral.Neither it is very good as Jupiter and Venus and nor it is negative as Saturn and mars.People with moon in 4th house often keep thinking about family members and the happiness of self.People with moon in 4th house may not find themselves happy.They quarrel at home with family members on silly matters and may get upset easily from family members to some extent.Whether be at home or outside the person don't stop thinking about activities related to their house and family members.   

Moon in 5th house  

5th house stands for kids,education or interest of person in learning.Different planet in 5th house gives different interest in learning.For example Venus in 5th house gives more interest in art and creativity but not necessary that it may become career in life until person has got strong will power.  

Now what are the results if moon is placed in 5th house.In terms of learning anything this placement is good because due to moon person is always curious to know things.Due to this placement you are ever ready for education and learning.In terms of learning the person is good learner.

The main thing in which these people are good at is their understanding and knowledge of human mind.You can say they are perhaps a good psychologist but if they have tendency to mischief then they can be good at playing with mind of the people.They have very good knowledge of human emotions.They themselves love to observe people.They may have talent to know the person from inside.  

Moon in  6th house
6th house stands for enemies,opposition,obstacle,health issues and competitions.In short 6th house is nothing but a obstacle which stops you from doing something.Small obstacle are easy to overcome and big obstacle are difficult to overcome.It can be any kind of problem from mental to people with moon in 6th house concentrate a lot on obstacle.When person thinks a lot about trouble or obstacle then soon he or she gets solution for it.Because of their tendency to think about problem converts them into a person who finds a solution.Due to continuous thinking of problems these people may have restless mind because they trouble themselves a lot until they find a solution to their problem.Albert Einstein also had moon in 6th house.

Moon in 7th house   

7th house stands for love and relationship and friendship with opposite sex.Moon in 7th house indicates persons mind is often busy thinking about people of opposite sex or spending most of the time with them and if free then day dreaming about their love or partner.These people are ever ready to get into relationship.Also due to placement of moon they may expect a lot from their kind partner.Quarrel on silly issues with each other will be common.To enjoy good relationship in life it is necessary for you to let things go and keep the expectation practical.Due to impractical expectations you may spoil your relationships.

Moon in 8th house   

Moon is sensitive in nature.Placement of moon is not considered good in 4th,8th and 12th house because at these places persons emotions overflow.Their mind is less stable when placed in these houses.8th house and 12th house are such that people develop habits which harm themselves.

8th house also stands for tendency or persons passion.Moon in 8th house is less likely to give calm mind to person.The person may have fears which may not be practical.Person may be sensitive towards water places,cold weathers,cold drinks or eatables.They even may have unnecessary worries to some extent.

All the above negative effect will be mild if moon is placed in soft signs and aspected by Jupiter or Venus.It may slightly trouble if influenced by Saturn or Ketu.

Moon in 9th house

9th house stands for persons faith in luck,destiny or God.Harsh planets in 9th house gives less faith in luck,destiny or god and soft planets make person religious and believer in god.Moon in 9th house indicates person mind never forget to think that luck is playing some role in his or her life.To most of the good or bad happenings in life person may blame luck.Actually such coincidences may happen in life which encourage them to believe in luck and destiny.

I came across two such horoscopes who had moon and Saturn in 9th house.Conjunction of Saturn and moon is often considered inauspicious.They both had such coincidences in Horoscope because of which they believe they always have a bad luck.Saturn plays role here which gives them negative thinking.In yogas the Saturn and moon is also called Vish yoga.

Moon in 10th house

This placement of moon i consider the best placement in the horoscopes because if moon is placed anywhere in house it encourage person more to think about the subject but here moon actually encourage the person to act.Moon gives wandering mind and 10th house stands for work or task need to do.Now the mind is actually concentrated on works to be done.This is very nice placement of moon which actually keeps person busy.The concentration on work is good and person is getting the job done.

With well placed 10th lord these people are likely to do well in their career because of their good concentration on work.Research shows that the busier people are, the HAPPIER they are.

Moon in 11th house

People with moon in 11th house have many dreams to achieve something in life,desire to have so many possession and there is lot they have which they dream a lot.These people think a lot about what can be achieved and what they want to achieve in their life.

Well placed 2nd,5th and 10th house can give them a very bright career.   

Moon in 12th house

Moon in 12th house is not considered good because this placement of moon encourage person to think about pain,loss,what not achieved in life,trouble faced in life.Their mind is often disturbed from past bad events.Any bad event in life may have negative impact on their mind.Depending upon the house where cancer is located in birth chart may hint what disturb their mind very much.Such people are very sensitive.Things easily hurt them which encourage them to take revenge.To some extent they are child like personality who take negative comments seriously and gets happy easily when appreciated.Due to sensitive nature they also find themselves difficult to socialize well.

Results of planets in 12th House

February 22, 2016

In Indian astrology 12th house is associated with expenditures,bed pleasures,imprisonment,travel and much more.If you observe 12th house in birth charts of people then you will find that planet placed in 12th house gives person immense interest,temperament, uncontrolled interest,passion and more.Your feelings and emotions are completely uncontrolled towards 12th house.It is something that gives person temptation.It tells whether person easily attracted towards what kind of things.So many negative things you might have heard about 12th house but 12th do have good things.A person becomes almost expert in field of the planet which is placed in 12th house.12th house tells you that you are that personality.It is even more powerful than your sun or moon signs.Whatever be your sign it can never be more powerful than the planet placed in 12th house.  

Why 12th house is considered so bad ?

12th is considered bad because it indicates person intense desire or wish.When desire is intense then people don't bother whether that desire is fulfilled by right or wrong method. when used wrong methods then person may face the trouble during the period of 12th lord or planet placed in 12th house.  

Lets see how all the planets influence when placed in 12th house.If you find more than one planet in 12th house then you may experience results of both planets.This actually may give you mixed qualities.Conjunction of Saturn,Mars or ketu with any other planet in 12th house may not be considered good.Saturn,Mars,Rahu,Ketu and Sun are malefic planets.Conjunction of any two negative in same house is not considered good.     

Moon in 12th house

People born with moon in 12th house are sensitive.Their emotions get hurt easily which in turn may encourage to develop envy towards person easily.Due to sensitive nature they also find it difficult to socialize.Their talent lies in ability to imagine or visualize.They are good at imagination.

They imagine a lot.Imagination is their power which can give them talent in artistic things.  

Sun in 12th house

Sun is confident and possess leadership qualities.They love to show people that they are best in something.They want a platform where they can show their talent to everyone.To some extent you may find them with ego and attitude but they are often very capable and impressive people.Your sign may not be Leo but this placement of sun do gives qualities of Leo.Because of this placement you may hold expertise in presentation in front of audience.Able to impress the crowd most of the time. 

Venus in 12th house

Venus stands for fun,entertainment,pleasure,relationships and arts.People born with venus in 12th are people who love to enjoy the world.Whatever be their age they never loose interest in fun and enjoyment.I may say they have got immense interest in fun and enjoyment.Their tedency to enjoy is so much that they may not save any money in their life.Their expenditures are often very high.

You hold expertise in art and creativity.You may have talent in that.Another impressive quality is people enjoy your company because you yourself create environment of fun and entertainment.  

Mars in 12th house
Mars is a warrior planet.True nature of warrior can be acquired when Mars is placed in 12th house and rest of the planets also under influenced of Mars.This placement of mars make person short temper.They are often of high temperament.This position of mars gives person talent in field where physical energy is required more,where more bossy or commanding attitude is needed,task where person need to take risk of life.

Such people are always ready to fight with someone which may be physical fight instead of verbal because mars is a planet which encourage people to act.To be successful in career rest of the planets should be well placed in Birth chart.

Jupiter in 12th house

The most auspicious planet in astrology is Jupiter.Venus,Moon and Mercury too are auspicious planet but they are not powerful as Jupiter.Where Jupiter is occupied the house flourish.Jupiter is a planet of knowledge.Any task which involves knowledge or information is represented by Jupiter.Example Learning,Teaching,Educational institute,publishing career,advisers,consultant etc.

Now the best about Jupiter in 12th house is they are good at acquiring knowledge.They have immense interest in learning things and they are often proved very knowledgeable person to others.In smooth circumstances they can become good teachers,advisers,writer or any field which involves sharing of knowledge.  

Saturn in 12th house

Saturn is a planet who often take long projects in hand which always need long time to complete and huge investment.The persons talent is in deep thinking,long term projects,considering all pros and cons before starting projects.So much consideration in mind may keep expenditures of person somewhat high.  

You can say that people with Saturn in 12th house is actually saturnine personality who uses its energy slowly and wisely.The person may not be quick in getting things done. 12th house also stands for enjoyment.People with Saturn in 12th house may not enjoy wasting of money.They often have serious thoughts on using of money which brings maximum result.  

People with Saturn in 12th house are likely to get troubled by court cases because Saturn in 12th will keep expenditures of person for longer period.Placement of Saturn in a sign and nakshatra may hint the subject of court case.         

Mercury in 12th house

Mercury represents intelligence and tricky methods.People with Mercury in 12th house loves tricks and tricky ideas.They are often in search of quick money and may not have patience to go for hard working and complicated methods.They always have good business idea and can develop good business model.Mercury if aspected by soft planets like venus,Moon or Jupiter gives such people mild tricky mind and if influenced by harsh planets like mars,Saturn or Ketu gives them highly tricky mind.The person becomes opportunist if moon too influence. 

Such people are actually personality of mercury who will change their loyalty quickly for better profits.You may find them sweet,very talkative and business minded.They often have good communication skill.     

Rahu in 12th house

Like other planets Rahu is not smart or wise.Rahu is with simple attitude and may ignore many things.People with Rahu in 12th house have strong enemies.People with Rahu in 12th are not wise in spending the money.They spend money blindly. They may have interest in occult subjects too.   

Ketu in 12th house

Ketu is same as mars but much more interested in worldly affairs and not straight forward as mars.People with ketu in 12th house are bold,always ignore or underestimate the power of enemies,stubborn nature,slight rebellious nature,sometimes careless while dealing with serious issues,stubborn attitude when comes to expenditure,

Outside however person may look but even such placement gives pretty bad anger.People who knows will realize.




Observed characteristics of Scorpio Ascendant

Vedic astrology: Scorpio Ascendant
Western Astrology: Sagittarius Ascendant OR (from 23 Degree Scorpio to 23 degree Sagittarius)
House system adopted:Whole sign house system

I saw three Horoscope of Scorpio Ascendant as per vedic astrology.As per western it may be Sagittarius.

In all three there were similarities.

1.Two of them always says they will run away from their house.Third one run away from house for love marriage.

2. All three are not treated well in their house.They are taunted or bullied at house.This is because Saturn rules 4th house.Its Saturn nature to criticize,bully or tease.

Here i observed general life of Scorpio Ascendant or Sagittarius Ascendant(western)
1.They are rebellion.
2.They have attitudes identical to LEO sign.
3.Their Relationship with friends,siblings,neighbors not smooth.
4.They do such actions due to which people stop trusting them.Mainly people close to them may stop trusting them.
5.They feel to run away from house may be because of restrictions by family members.4th house represents family members and  Saturn represents restrictions.
6.They are lucky in proposals.They get proposed by many people.
7.They have good communication skills and love to advise people.
8.They work hard to prove themselves.
9. They perfectly posses qualities to become Good Teacher.

As per western method Ascendant would be between 23 deg Scorpio to 23 Sagittarius approx. 

Please share if you know any Scorpio or Sagittarius Ascendant.


Venus Mahadasha – A fortune or misfortune?

Planets rule our lives. Placement of planets in the natal chart, transits and dasha influence the lives. Astrology is not perceived the right way by many people. Mostly the common misbeliefs ruins the life of the people. One such very common misconception strongly believed by most of the people is the effects of Venus Mahadasha.

Venus aka Shukra is a benefic planet and widely considered to bestow the people with unlimited wealth, prosperity, name and fame, a massive fortune. However, this is completely wrong. Venus dasha is not just good for everyone. This can be totally a disaster, even worse than sani dasha in many people.In fact, this dasa would bring the fortune only for a few people who passes through the period. Let us have a brief look into Venus Mahadasha, a fortune or a misfortune?

Venus as a Planet

Venus, the planet of love, pleasure, happiness, wealth, prosperity and luxurious life is a benefic planet in the astrology. Called as Shukra, Venus is the most auspicious planet. Based on the placement of Venus in the natal chart and based on the planets that aspects Venus, the results would vary.

When it comes to venus dasha, this is the longest dasha of all. It lasts for 20 years. An individual born in the following birth stars will begin their life with Venus dasha.

  • Bharani
  • Pooram
  • Pooradam

Results of Venus Dasha:

As per common beliefs, the venus bestows the life of the native with abundance of wealth and happiness during the dasha, provided the placement of venus is auspicious.

Some of the benefits that the native can derive during the period of venus dasha is as follows:

  • Materialistic wealth and luxury
  • Happy life
  • Will be able to excel in career especially can reach great heights when the native is involved in arts and creative fields
  • Reduced effects of hurdles and enjoys overall prosperity
  • Recovery from disease and good health
  • Harmonious personal relationships
  • Respect, fame and admiration

In addition, the onset of this dasha makes the native cool and composed. They do start admiring arts, beauty and nature. It provides a developed sense and insight to appreciate the beauty of life.

These are the best results of Venus during its dasha period. However, not all natives who pass by this dasha are entitled to receive these auspicious results of this planet.

Adverse effects of venus dasha:

As said earlier, the venus dasha would make the native suffer to the core and be like the worst dasha of all. Some of the worst effects of Venus mahadasha include,

  • Severe health ailments
  • Terrible setback in business
  • Loss of wealth and health
  • Bitter relationships

Simply, the venus dasha would turn completely upside down based on placements of Venus and other planets.
Who will suffer the most during the venus mahadasha?

Now, this will be next question, who will experience the worst of Venus Mahadasha. This can’t be just limited with one or a couple of elements.

Venus exalted in its own sign or in the signs of Kendra, will be highly beneficial. Placement of venus in the 8th and 12th houses are not considered auspicious. Besides, the impact of venus mahadasha is also influenced by the placement of Sun and shadow planets, Rahu and Ketu.

In fact, even the natives with best placements of Venus Mahadasha will have to undergo ups and downs during this 20 years, although the overall effects will be excellent. Here is the brief view of Venus Mahadasha and Antardasha period.

  • Venus and Venus: An excellent period to experience pleasure and comfort
  • Venus and Sun: An average period with ups and downs
  • Venus and Moon: Can be good or bad based on the placement of moon as both Moon and Venus are soft planets
  • Venus and Mars: A Balanced Peiod
  • Venus and Mercury: Adds positive effects and brings harmony, comfort, joy, wealth, healthy relationships, etc
  • Venus and Jupiter: Mostly beneficial, but malefic placement in the natal chart makes this dasha the worst one.
  • Venus and Saturn: A Balanced period
  • Venus and Rahu: Moderately negative period
  • Venus and Ketu:  Moderately negative period

In addition, Venus Mahadasha would be generally considered an adverse, rather worst period for the natives who born in Mesha or Aries Lagan and Vrichika or Scorpion Lagan.

So, having the venus mahadasha period in your natal chart doesn’t mean you hit the jackpot and you will be rewarded like the king of the world. While it happens for a few, who dramatically rose to fame with abundance of wealth, it is not just for everyone. As mentioned above, the placements of malefic planets would influence the overall effects of Venus Mahadasha.

What KP System says about Yogas in Indian Astrology?

KP astrology, a comprehensive method of astro predictions is conceived by Late. Prof. Krishnamurthy, the King of Indian Astrology. This method of astrological predictions has been created by the professor to overcome the shortcomings of traditional system.

There are many yogas in Indian Astrology when the horoscope is derived based on the vedic astro system. The combination of planets and placement of planets in the birth chart in specific places result with good and bad yogas. KP astrology has a different view on various yogas of Indian astrology. More or less, most of the yogas in Indian astrology don’t carry impact as believed. For instance, if a person has a combination of planets in horoscope that result with ‘Raj Yoga’ he may not reap the fruits of Raj yoga and suffer the entire life! KP’s perception towards yogas has been justified by many aspects.

For more than two decades, the veteran and passionate astrologer put strenuous efforts in reading, analyzing and examination of almost all types of yoga combinations given in the traditional Indian astrology. Very soon it was discovered that the predictions of the yogas and the associated benefits turned out inaccurate.

In fact, there were some personal examinations of horoscopes of a few individuals, which carried auspicious yogas, intended to provide abundance of wealth and prosperity. Startlingly, they struggled quite a lot without any traces of those auspicious yogas.

Let us consider the birth of twins. Not both the twin babies will be born at the same time. When we derive the birth chart of the twin babies based on the vedic method, the horoscope almost remains the same. However, there can be massive differences in the birth horoscope even if there is a time difference of 5 minutes. Based on KP astrology, the horoscope may differ to a great extent as the calculations are completely based on stars.

In KP astrology, the astrological predictions are perceived completely based on the birth star. Each star is divided into four divisions called SUBS.  The time difference of 5 to 10 minutes may result with babies born under same star, but under a different SUBS, which has a massive and dramatic change in the whole horoscope, yogas, etc.  

Also, the yogas provided during the Dasha of every planet also proven to be wrong based on the scrutiny of the Prof. Krishnamurthy. As per Indian astrology, the planets and every planet in its own Dasha intend to give good or bad yogas based on the house which it is occupied and the house it occupied in the birth chart. However, the results aren’t accurate.

As per KP astrology, every planet during the Dasha period gives the yoga and results based on the house where the lord of the star is placed.

Let us briefly look at how yogas are formed in KP System.

KALANIDHI YOGA – The person with this yoga is bestowed with health, wealth, fame, prosperity and will achieve great heights in life.
Based on traditional astrology, Kalanidhi yoga is formed when the Jupiter is either placed in the 2nd house or in the 5th house either or not combined with Venus and Mercury.
According to KP astrology, which is based on 27 stars and the subs, the yoga forms when the Jupiter is placed in the moon star of the 2nd house or star of the 5th house along with or without Mercury and Venus.

Nasir Yoga – Reputation after 33 years of age, rich, very charitable,
Nasir yoga is formed as per traditional astrology when the moon is afflicted to 7th house lord when the Jupiter is placed in the 4 house.  
From KP point of view, this yoga is formed when the lagna lord and Jupiter is placed in the star of the fourth house lord and when the moon is either associated with the 7th house or star of the 7th house lord!

Amara Yoga – Abundance of wealth and owns many properties
In traditional astrology a person has this yoga when all the beneficial planets are placed in Kendra, that 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th House.

However, based on KP system, this yoga forms and the person is bestowed with the wealth as mentioned above when all the benefic planets are placed in the star of the kendras!
Shubha kartari yoga
Placement of malefic or benefic planets enclosing a malefic or benefic planet influences the functions of the planets. For instance, If Venus is placed in Taurus, preceded by Saturn in Aries and Mars in Gemini, the positive results of Venus in Taurus is turned negative and Venus.

Similarly, a planet accompanied by two or three benefic planets, it creates Shuba Kartari Yoga. In traditional system, the yoga is formed based on the placement of planets in respective houses as mentioned above.

In KP System, this yoga is formed when Venus is placed in the star of the second house lord, Jupiter is placed in star of the first house lord and moon in the star of the third house lord.

Ashubha mala yoga: A negative yoga that may create misfortune and difficult phases in life

In traditional astrology, the yoga brings the misfortune when a person has all the benefic planets placed in 6th, 8th and 12th houses. This combination of placement make the benefic planets powerless!  

Based on KP system, this yoga forms when all the benefic planets are placed in the houses stars of the 6th, 8th and 12th house lords!

According to KP astrology, no planet is good or bad. The effects of planets are purely determined by the star where the planet is placed. While the planet is the source, the star lord in fact delivers the nature of the results. When the planets occupy a part of a star, say sub-portion, the sub-lord will impact the results. Also, any retrograding planet doesn’t have the negative impact or provide bad yoga.

Samudrik Shastra

“Samudrik Shastra” is a Sanskrit term that falls under the “Vedic Astrology or Tradition”. It translates as “Knowledge of body features”
 It is a study of
Face Reading [Physiognomy, Mukh Samudrik]
Hand Analysis [Palmistry, Hast Samudrik]
Kapal Samudrik [Phrenology]
Aura Reading

In compile it is a study of whole body reading, through various parts, marks, and moles on a human body, like nails, eyes, forehead, shapes of nails, various natural or acquired marks and moles on the human body etc. It is believed that Samudrik Shastra is found in India 5000 years before rishis.
It is believed that once Lord Vishnu was enjoying his yoga nidra with his consort Goddess Lakshmi on the Sheshnaag then the sea lord Samudra arrived and began to write down the auspicious marks on bodies of divine couple for the guidance of humanity. Samudrik Shastra consists of eight disciplines And (Body parts), Svapna(dreams), Swar(voice) Bhumi(earth), Vyanjan(food), Lakshan(characters), Utpat and Antariksh.

Samudrik Shastra is a science of interpreting the features of human body and can predict the future based on that. This type of astrology believes that human body itself is a complete source of predicting the future. Features of human body can encode so many wonderful things about its owner’s personality, past, future and destiny.

With Samudrik Shastra Astrology, the expert can easily predicts the emotional as well as the mental status of a person, can easily judge the nature and behavior of the person, and can tell several incidents from his/her past and present life that can shape up his/her future based on the signs on his/her body. Samudrik Shastra is primarily the science of Face reading, aura reading, marks and moles on body , palmistry.
There are five main types of human elements called Samudrika which we also heard from many sages that a human body is made up of panch tatva which are Agni , Vayu, Jal, Akash and Prithvi. In some parts of India traditional stories says that there were some rare auspicious markings found on the bodies of famous people. The avatars or Lord Rama , Lord Krishna, Gautma and Buddha , Mahavira and Tirthankara conforms to these traditional stories.

Samudrik Shastra is a study of complete body features but it mainly deals with Hand Analysis or Hast Samudrika, because hands are supposed to be more expressive even the face. According to Hast Samudrika human hand is like a “Darpan” [mirror] that can reflects the nature of its owner and tell the future also. There are so many things in a human hand to study. Generally experts read the palm lines but in broader aspect one can study the nails shapes, color, marks or moles on hands, shapes of fingers and so on. Palmistry is studied practiced in most parts of world but it is no where so accurate and scientifically defined as it is in ancient Hindu literature . Palm readers and Face readers can easily draw a persons horoscope. If a person doesn’t know about his birth details like exact time of birth or some times the year then a person who excels in Samudrik Shastra can easily make horoscope by Palm and Face reading and predict the future. There is also Aura reading in Samudrik Shastra which means science of body vibrations. Face reading and Aura reading are very much scientific . In Samudrik Shastra in Face reading the readers gives importance to even the shape of one’s cheeks, lips , forehead, eve brows.
Indian Wholy scriptures are full of knowledge which gives us immense knowledge on different predictive sciences . There are still sages who has immense knowledge or these sciences and their constant endevaour is to spread this knowledge so as to benefit mankind. Samudrik Shastra is and important predictive science among the accurate predictive sciences.

Influence of 2nd House in Managing Finance

Out of the 12 houses, the 2nd House is of great importance in influencing money, speech and family. We would like to take up only money and speech for this article.

The way one manages his finance, his saving habits and channeling his money into proper use, all these are the affects of planetary combinations with the 2nd house. The 2nd house may form various planetary combinations with the Sun, Moon, and other planets & the nodes. These combinations decide how good one is at managing money.

The 2nd house is also the master of speech. Whatever one speaks may have a different intention, a different motive, or simply he/she uses a different style to convince others. All such speaking styles are influenced by the 2nd house. Even Mercury and Moon are also responsible for one’s style of speech and action, but 2nd house plays a special role here.

Let us look at the impact of different planetary combinations (a single planet in 2nd house) that may affect people, in the area of management of finance only. We would like to have a separate discussion on influence of speech on 2nd house on the upcoming article. Till then we just focus on how planets influence the quality of financial management among people.

Also to Note that: Influence of planets in different signs and nakshatras will modify the results. We are discussing this on a genuine basis and hence, may vary upon person to person and their signs & nakshatras.

Mars in 2nd house: People with such combinations tend to keep tight control over their finance. They do not believe in lending money and may not even leave a single penny to others. Businessmen tend to keep their books of accounts update and are able to manage their finance well.

Mercury in 2nd house: These people manage their finance intelligently. They are smart in savings and may successfully find out loopholes to create their secret reserves.

Moon in 2nd house: These people are more sensitive, emotional and prone to daydreaming of richness. They often worry about finance but fail to control even their own expenditures. Due to their spendthrift nature they are hardly able to save money. Thus they are poor in managing their finance.

Venus in 2nd house: Such people are happy and satisfied with their wealth. They enjoy life and spend wholeheartedly on enjoyment. They are happy even with shortage of income. Venus also being a soft planet indicates that these people are poor in managing their expenses.

Rahu(north node) in 2nd house: such people are very careless financial management. Businessmen with such influence may not have a good CA or accountant to manage his books and accounts. His books might be in a total mess. All such carelessness is due to affect of Rahu.

Sun in 2nd house: Sun can make a person wealthy. Such people keep their financial position open to everyone. They may love to flaunt their wealth by spending more on special occasions and gaining appreciation for it. They are amazing in managing their finance.

Jupiter in 2nd house: Jupiter is the planet of knowledge. Such persons have good knowledge over their technical and financial needs. They have the ability to earn more based on their knowledge. They are good in managing their finance.

Saturn in 2nd house: Such people have multiple alternatives in their mind. They always analyze their pros and cons before getting into a conclusion.
Such people can be great financial managers if the placement of Saturn is supported by Mercury and Moon, else several considerations made by Saturn may fail. But Saturn's placement in 2nd house may also bring delays and obstacles in smooth flow of money.

Ketu(south node) in 2nd house: Ketu is more fierce than planet Mars. The person, herein, tries to acquire money by hook or by crook. They manages their finance well and are similar to people born with Mars in 2nd house. But they may be more ambitious.

Note: We have focused more on influence of planets in financial management here and nothing much is discussed on how different planets will influence style of speech. It will be discussed in the next article. Also remember that the influence of a single planet in 2nd house is discussed here. Influence of planets in different signs and nakshatras will modify the results.

Super Accurate Astrology(Nadi astrology)

Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology is the most accurate among the predictive sciences. As in Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology the course of every human’s life has already been deifned thousands of years ago. This is documented in the form of a dialogue between Lord Shiva and his Consort goddess Parvati. The sages with their finest level of awareness then documented these dialogues on Nadi Palm Leaves with an iron stylus. These Nadi Palm Leaves were then further compiled in the forms of Granthas by each sage. Amazingly there is a Nadi Palm Leaf for almost every human. There are several books on Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology one of the good detailed descriptions are given by Shashikant Oak in his book “Naadi Predictions a Mind Boggling Miracle” . Shashikant Oak is an ex Air Force officer.
In today’s times some times people doesn’t know about their time of birth exactly then in this case Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology comes in handy as it is accurate because for an individual there is a leaf in Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology and information of past present and future of that individual has already been written on that leaf thousands of years ago so here in this predictive science if a person doesn’t know his/her time of birth (which in astrology is of great importance where horoscope is casted basis exact time of birth) still can get to know his/her past present and future and also how to correct future course with the help of remedies. 
Nadi Palm Leaves which are compiled in Granthas by Sages have been passed on to generations. In cases of predictive sciences one always have some doubts as to the astrologer will give you predictions perfectly or not but in case of Nadi Palm Leaf astrology one’s past present and future course has been already written thousands of years ago by Indian Gods Goddesses and Saints so there is no chance of alteration in that. No other predictive science can tell you about your previous birth, next birth, your brother sisters, your relations of previous births and next birth also of the sins committed in your previous births. Nadi Palm Leaf  also tells remedies to cure the wrongdoings of past lives or previous births. Many more events related to one’s life are narrated in Nadi Palm Leaf astrology year by year. There is no other stream of astrology or predictive science which can be as accurate as Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology.
But even Nadi Palm Leaf Astrology also can go wrong as there is a possibility of two individuals having same name and same date of birth, so to get one’s reading accurate one has to provide with the name of parents grand parents brother sisters spouse. Also some people posing as Nadi Palm Leaf Astrologers are befooling masses with false Nadi Palm Leaves so be on guard from such fake Nadi readers.
These ancient Granthas of Nadi Palm Leaves came to lime light by the Nadi Palm Leaf astrologers around Vaitheeswaran Temple in Tamil Nadu.

Some of the Nadi Palm Leaf Centres are

Sri Agastya Shri Kousika Nadi Jyotidham
#247 Mathrushree, 43 road cross, 9th Main
5th Block Jayanagar Bangalore
Karnataka India.
Phone : 918026656000
Mobile: 919343384151

Shri Agasthiyar Nadi Jyotida Nilayam
Nadinool Navalar
Resi : Ammai Appan lllam,
2/311, C M Nagar, Vandiyur,
Madurai -625020
Tamilnadu, India.
Phone : 914522535010/ 914522521083
Mobile: 919443053313

Email :,



The predictions made on this site are purely based on intuitions and the knowledge acquired though various books on this subject and also guidance from elderly people in this regard. This may not be accurate/convincing in some or more cases. Hence this site/blog does not take any responsibility of any adverse impact/effect or loss of any kind arising from the decision taken by the person concerned based on this prediction.