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New Use of Vimshottari Dasha in Horoscopes

February 14, 2016

This approach is inspired from the sanskrit book"Sarwarth chintamani"English translated by B Suryanarayan Rao

Chapter 8 dharma bhava or 9th house

Stanza 883

If the person is born in the 8th lagna from of his father, or of the of 8th house in the horoscope of his father occupies his lagna, the person will take away the good karma from his father and will end his existence by performing his death ceremonies.

This is one of the methods which is already used in Matching Horoscopes. When Horoscope is matched it is said that Lagna of couples should not be in 6 and 8th from each other. Here the author has extended this method by considering even the lord of 8th house and checking the position of this lord in horoscope of son.

We can use the above method not only for matching horoscopes of father and son but we can use it for matching any Horoscopes. For example matching of horoscopes between two brothers, between two enemies, between two friends etc.

But here one thing is missing and that is time period of this matching Horoscopes. For example when long true friendship may not last forever. Many times marriage starts with a bad relationship and then turns into good or marriage may start with a good relationship but after some time it gets converted into troubled relationship. And below here I have attempted to answer these questions by using vimshottari Dasha.

Use of vimshottari dasha in matching horoscopes and much more.

By this method you may be able to get answer of many questions which you may realize after reading how it can be used.

Examples 1

Father:Lagna Capricorn ,venus in 4th house ,Saturn in 7th house

1st son:Aquarius Rising,

2nd son:Aries Rising

When Father was in Sat-venus period.1st and second son inherited house from father. Observe here that father was running Venus sub period and Venus is lord of 4th house in 1st son and lord of 2nd and 7th house in second son.

When father was in Sat-moon period second son inherited car from father. Observe here father was running sub period of moon which is lord of 4th house in second son.

I don’t know what will happen if father and son have same rising sign. One horoscope I know of father and son with same rising sign. Son is not interested in fathers well established business and wants to achieve things

1st son was running Mer-jup period and 1s son decided to shut down the business which brought loss to father. Observe here that son is running sub period of Jupiter and this Jupiter is lord of 12th house and placed in 12th house in father.12th house stands for losses.

Mahatma Gandhi was Libra Rising. When mahatma was murdered by assassin, assassin was running major period of Jupiter .observe that this is lord of 6th house(enemy) in mahatma Gandhi Horoscope and was placed in 7th house (maraka) .

Also if you observe several charts of couples you may observe that at the time of proposal or marriage one of them is running such dasha which is connected to 7th house of other or 2nd house.

For example if you are Aries Rising. If somebody falls into love with you then there are chances that person is running is under Dasha of venus because it is lord of 7th house.

When my father brought a proposal for me.I was surpised to know that she was running under major period of sun which is lord of my 7th house.


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