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The predictions made on this site are purely based on intuitions and the knowledge acquired though various books on this subject and also guidance from elderly people in this regard. This may not be accurate/convincing in some or more cases. Hence this site/blog does not take any responsibility of any adverse impact/effect or loss of any kind arising from the decision taken by the person concerned based on this prediction.

Prediction for Monday, 4th. AUG, 2014(BASED ON LAGNA/Ascendant)

July 31, 2014

  Mesha Lagna/Aries Ascendant                   : TENSION FROM PARTNER.
  Virshabh Lagna /Taurus Ascendant           : TENSION FROM ENEMY/ILLNESS.
  Mithuna Lagna/Gemini Ascendant            : UNDECIDED ON FUTURE PLANNING.
  Karaka Lagna/Cancer Ascendant              : QUARREL AT HOME.
  Sinhma Lagna/Leo Ascendant                    : CONFUSION IN RELATIONSHIP.
  Kanya Lagna /Virgo Ascendant                  :  TUSSLE IN GETTING MONEY.
  Tula Lagna /Libra Ascendant                     : CONFLICT OF IDEOLOGY.
  Virshchaka Lagna /Scorpio Ascendant      : TENSION FROM LENDER.
  Dhanu Lagna/Sagittarius Ascendant         : DELAY IN GETTING DUES.
  Makara Lagna /Capricorn Ascendant       : CONFUSED ABOUT ACTION.
  Kumbha Lagna/Aquarius Ascendant        : WORRIED ABOUT FUTURE.
  Meena Lagna /Pisces Ascendant                 : EVENT TO ACCIDENTALLY MEET. 

                              Disclaimer :Rest only God knows the Best.

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