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The predictions made on this site are purely based on intuitions and the knowledge acquired though various books on this subject and also guidance from elderly people in this regard. This may not be accurate/convincing in some or more cases. Hence this site/blog does not take any responsibility of any adverse impact/effect or loss of any kind arising from the decision taken by the person concerned based on this prediction.

Does your sign dont work for you?

April 5, 2011

Have you came across forecast in newspaper/magazine/book. in forecast are given your sign but what happens is that it may not be working for you and your will be thinking that astrology don't work. Here are the few possibilties of why certain sign don't work for you.


Western and Indian astrology have different calculations. planetary positions may differ by 23 degree. so if you are aware of both Indian and western astrology websites then see which sign works for you.


Dont assume that calculations pf positions of planets are 100% correct.

For Example : if your moon or sun is placed in Aries at 28 degree. Then if i add 3 degree more then it will change your sign to Taurus from Aries. well 2~3 degree  differences is common in calculation and affects the placement of planet in sign. In such cases you need to observe which sign prediction works for you.


Last but most interesting if your knowledge is limited to sun and moon signs. Example if your moon sign is cancer. we all are aware of cancer moon its emotional nature. but if mars is also in cancer then emotional nature of moon will be reduced to a great extent.

Don't follow your moon sign and sun sign blindly. There is lot of confusion this now a days.

when reading prediction/forecast anywhere first see is it moon sign based or sun sign based. you should know both of your signs but then again your western sun sign and Indian astrology sun sign can be different.for most of you, your moon sign and sun sign are different.

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