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March 25, 2011


The 4th house apart from inheritance, vehicle, mother etc. it also stands for happines and home life. This house being Kendrasthan in horoscope is most imporatant in ones life.

This house in any horosocpe should not be under the inlfuence of MALEFIC planets. When malefic planets influece 4th house they destroy one's happiness and peacful environment of the house.When peaceful environment of the house is destroyed happiness of married life also gets disturbed. Therefore, 4th house also play important role in judging happiness of married life.

It is observed many times that combinations of following planets create violent environment in the House:-

1. Mars in 4th house in conjuction with Sun.Saturn,Rahu or Ketu.

2. Sun,Saturn,Rahu or Ketu in Aries/Scorpio in 4th house  

3. Moon and Saturn in 4th house. (tension, extreme depression are caused due to this combo)

Benefic and Malefic effects of planets in 4th house is observed as under:-


Moon in 4th house is good in terms of inherited property.

People who have moon in 4th house are very sentimental as such often quarrels in house over silly matter.

Generally Moon is a peaceful planet but moon in 4th ,8th and 12th house is not considered good.  


Mars is natural significator of Land. Mars in 4th house can give landed property/house/vehicle by inheritance.  

Mars in 4th house is not good so for the happiness of the house is concerned. Such people dictate the activities of family member at his terms.  

People who have Mars in 4th house often quarrel with their family members. The quarrels with family members many times lead to the violent activities, specailly when it is in conjuction with Sun,Saturn or Ketu.  


Rahu in 4th house don't give any property by inheritance and financal support from parents often remain weak.

Rahu in 4th house don't create any quarrels with family members. Infact such people show least interest in Family matters unless 4th house is occupied or aspected by Jupiter.


Jupiter is the Most benefic planet and desired one in this House.  

Jupiter in 4th house produce very nice results in terms of inheritance,financial strenth of parents and happiness of Home life. Such people don't quarrel in the house.Infact they always try to solve problmes of family members.

For females Jupiter in 4th house is very nice as this placement of jupiter will make them good house wife.  


People who have saturn in 4th house are more likely to remain unhappy in their House. Such people keep eye on activities of each and every family member and also suspect them.They often obstruct activties of family members. However one good aspect relating to Saturn is that if placed in Libra/Copricorn/Aquarus (being 4th. house) it gives native a huge proprty with his own efforts.


Mercury in 4th house is nice in terms of peaceful environment of the house if placed alone or with benefic planets


This planet is not benefic for the peaceful environment of the house.

People who have Ketu in 4th house pay strong attention on activities of family member and try to control them by any mean.


Venus in the fourth house creates joyful environment in the home. The person will love to be  in the home. Or Very much fond of his home.

likes to keep home lovely and beautiful. prefers lovely atmosphere among family members.


Conjunction of two or three planets

when more than one planets sit in 4th house all show their own effect individually.

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Very nice information
but what about Venus in 4th house

if venus + mars in leo in 4th house ?

Hello sir,
Jupiter for me is a malefic in nature. What would be the effects if malefic Jupiter is placed in house 4 ? Please advise. My d.o.b : 24.04.1993
Time: 10.20 am
Place: Salem ,tamilnadu

Hi Nandini,
If Jupiter placed alone it gives or in a benefic sign it gives good effect.Other than planet in 4th house position of lord of 4th house is too important.If 4th lord conjuct Saturn,ketu or Rahu then environment at home may not be that friendly.

Mars and jupiter in 4th place will cause what effect? Could Yu explain?

In my kundli 4th house is in shani rahu and Jupiter what is the pridection house is leo

If mars, venus and rahu in 4th house what will be the effects and what's the remedies?

In my Gemini ascendent Jupiter is placed with Venus in 4th house.Is their combination beneficial or not ?