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The predictions made on this site are purely based on intuitions and the knowledge acquired though various books on this subject and also guidance from elderly people in this regard. This may not be accurate/convincing in some or more cases. Hence this site/blog does not take any responsibility of any adverse impact/effect or loss of any kind arising from the decision taken by the person concerned based on this prediction.

House lord and its position in different houses

March 11, 2016

House lord and its position in different houses

There are some ways to find out whether any house is well disposed or ill disposed.There are 12 houses in astrology.Each house is occupied by some planet and its lord too is placed somewhere.Good and bad results of any house depends upon planet placed in it,planet aspect and lord of the house placed in good houses or not,lord of the house conjunct positive or negative planet,lord of the house strong or weak.Out of so many factors here I present a small extract from marathi language book “Kundali Tantra ani mantra”written by Vasanth Damodar Bhat in 1965.

Results of  positions of lord of 1st house

From 1st house lord we need to see persons ability to fight with health issues,ambitious,position,fortune and happiness.Where 1st lord is placed that house improves.

1st house lord placed in 1st house itself:Health remains good, long-life ,possess good self confident.

1St house lord placed in 2nd house:Financial position keeps improving,person is selfish,gains good amount of wealth.

1st house lord placed in 3rd house:Person is brave,gets good job,successful in life,they give love and affection to their siblings,gets good support from siblings,gets good travel opportunities.

1st house lord placed in 4th house:happiness from mother,love and affection to mom,possess vehicle and house,good at heart.

1st house lord placed in 5th house: Very intelligent,education gets complete,happiness from kids,love and affection for kids,very fortunate.

1st house lord placed in 6th house:May not have good health,less ability to resist health issues,tendency to doubt,often worry a lot,irritating nature,always unsatisfied.

1st house lord placed in 7th house:Very supporting to people of opposite sex,compromising nature,happy married life,successful in competitions,lucky in terms of business partners,good travel opportunities.

1st house lord placed in 8th house:May not have good health,may reduce longevity,late rise of fortune.

1st house lord placed in 9th house:Very fortunate person,very successful career,travel to holy places,progress in religious matters,religious,they give respect to elder people they are humble in nature,long journeys happens.  

1st house lord placed in 10th house:Very energetic person,progress in job,progress in business,stable mind,high position,authority position,social status,respected,hardworking,progress in a short time,quick promotion in government jobs. 

1st house lord placed in 11th house:financial gains,in life enjoy good financial status,good social network,wishes get fulfilled.  

1st house lord placed in 12th house:May not get happiness,may not know the proper behaviour,always worried,may not enjoy good social network,long journeys,change of place,if with malefic planets then may get punished from government officials,if with good planets then it shows nature of charity.

Results of  positions of lord of 2nd house:

2nd house and and lord of 2nd house stands for finance and finance in family.Relation of 2nd lord with 5th,8th and 11th is considered good for finance.Well disposed 2nd house gives smooth flow of money and if ill placed it gives trouble in terms of finance.Its relationship with 3rd,6th and 12th is not considered good for smooth flow of money.

2nd house lord placed in 1st house:Such people are well behaved,willing to work hard for the money,love and affection in family.

2nd house lord placed in 2nd house:Very selfish in nature,may not care for others once self purpose is served,may not have nature to help others,stable finance in family,inheritance from parents or forefathers,financial gains.

2nd house lord placed in 3rd house:Such people are very talkative,fortune if in writing,if placed with malefic planets then relation with siblings may spoil on matters of finance,if 3rd lord is placed in 2nd house then financial status of siblings remains good,hard earned money.

2nd house lord placed in 4th house:may need to spend more money for family,financial gains from elders.

2nd house lord placed in 5th house:well qualified,fortunate in competitions,money saved for kids,money spending on kids.

2nd house lord placed in 6th house:money loss through cheaters or dishonest people,must keep watch on money and assets,money loss because of health issues.

2nd house lord placed in 7th house:may not enjoy good married life,partner may not have soft behaviour,business partnership may bring good wealth but there may be quarrels between partners.

2nd house lord placed in 8th house:sudden gain of wealth,old age life may go without money,richness at home,money earned through dishonest approach which may bring trouble for the family.  

2nd house lord placed in 9th house:9th house is a house of fortune,relation of 2nd house with house of fortune gives luck in terms of money opportunities.

2nd house lord placed in 10th house:progressive for job or business,money earned through help of elders.

2nd house lord placed in 11th house:good amount of money earned through self effort,financial status remains good.

2nd house lord placed in 12th house:may face trouble in travels,land or house if kept unattended may bring trouble,unstable finance,may face trouble from government official like heavy fine.

Results of positions of lord of 3rd house

Lord of 3rd house is the lord of bravery.Any planet with 3rd lord prosper in its inherent properties.The person acquire qualities of planet placed with 3rd lord.Relationship with friends,siblings or cousins is also studied from 3rd house.My personal observation is 3rd house also stands for social work like helping the needy and profession which involves solving problems of people.

3rd lord placed in 1st house:very brave,if with 1st lord then rise of fortune through self effort,very ambitious person,person with attitude,gets support from friends,siblings or cousins.

3rd lord placed in 2nd house:may get responsibilities of siblings,if placed with Venus may give interest in singing.

3rd lord placed in 3rd house:person is brave and courageous,may love to travel,thinker.    

3rd lord placed in 4th house:lovely environment at home,happiness from siblings,happiness from family members,does well in studies.

3rd lord placed in 5th house:much interest in learning,great writer,if 3rd lord venus,jupiter or mercury placed in 5th gives great intelligence,love for games and travel.

3rd lord placed in 6th house:not auspicious in matters of health,if placed with 8th lord may give reduce longevity,enmity with friends,siblings or cousins,travel or journeys may not go smooth and comfortable.

3rd lord placed in 7th house:love for arguments and debates,hardworking nature.

3rd lord placed in 8th house:may not get along with friends,siblings or cousins.

3rd lord placed in 9th house:gives intelligence,friends,siblings or cousins are fortunate,fortunate person,jolly nature,does good deeds in life.

3rd lord placed in 10th house:fortune in job,may have more than one business,travels often,dutiful and responsible.

3rd lord placed in 11th house:gain of wealth through self effort,large circle of friends,may know influential people,fulfills dreams and desires through self effort.

3rd lord placed in 12th house:friend,sibling or cousin reside at a distant place,may not get support from sibling,friend or cousin. 

Results of positions of lord of 4th house

4th house is important house in kendras.Person fame and power,peace and happiness,happiness of home is observed from 4th house and lord of 4th house.A planet conjoined with 4th lord is considered important.Person internal nature is to be seen from 4th house.Soft planets in 4th house gives happy and jolly nature and harsh planets like sun,Saturn,mars or Ketu gives reserved nature.

4th lord placed in 1st house:This placement gives person jolly and friendly nature,good health,love and affection for mother,may own house or land property,may own vehicles,such people progress well in life.

4th lord placed in 2nd house:financial status of family remains good,love and affection for the family members,speaks sweetly,his or her education gets complete.

4th lord placed in 3rd house:happiness from siblings.

4th lord placed in 4th house:owns houses and vehicles,friendly and peaceful environment at home,happiness from mother,gets high education,gets good sleep.

4th lord placed in 5th house:gets high education,with 5th lord or with Jupiter gives no hurdles in education,may have experimental nature.

4th lord placed in 6th house:may not get along with mother,if with Saturn then mother may not have good health,environment at home may not be peaceful.

4th lord placed in 7th house:good married life,good relations with mother.

4th lord placed in 8th house:may not get happiness,may not get happiness from mother,chances of vehicle accident if with mars,financial status of family not good.

4th lord placed in 9th house:very auspicious,progress in life,rise in fortune,gets all happiness,religious minded.

4th lord placed in 10th house:gets happiness of father,acquires wealth through self effort,progress well in career,respected,gets good positions in job,well known in his or her group,behaves good with people.

4th lord placed in 11th house:if placed with Jupiter or Venus gives popularity in group,benefit financially from family and friends,owns vehicle.

4th lord placed in 12th house:Spiritual progress,lots of travels,spoils happiness of home or resident,gives worries,may travel foreign places.

Results of positions of lord of 5th house

At younger age any kind of learning or education seen from 5th house and once the family has started then even relation with son or daughters or their progress in life is also seen from this house.Well disposed 5th house and 5th house lord gives good knowledge to person and bright future of kids.                       

5th lord placed in 1st house:gives happiness of child,love and affection for child,gives good education to person,gives peaceful mind,gives good health.

5th lord placed in 2nd house:well qualified,much benefited from acquired knowledge,financial progress happens,gets child happiness,love and affection for the family.

5th lord placed in 3rd house:intelligent,imaginative and thoughtful person.may have interest in writing,short journeys happens for education,gets support from siblings.

5th lord placed in 4th house:4th lord in 5th or 5th lord in 4th with moon,jupiter or venus gives very high education,may own house and vehicle,gains good amount of wealth.

5th lord placed in 5th house:very intelligent and talented,gets good education,with venus gives interest in poems or artistic things,with Jupiter gives good intelligence,gives child happiness.

5th lord placed in 6th house:slow progress in learning and education,may face obstacles in education,due to health issues education may get disturbed,may worry about child.       

5th lord placed in 7th house:friendship with person of opposite sex,may have interest in love marriage.

5th lord placed in 8th house:It gives unfavourable results,if 5th lord with harsh planets then person may have tendency to worry,money earned through speculation,may not get happiness from child.

5th lord placed in 9th house:may get scholarship in education,rise in fortune,progress well in education and learning,foreign travel for education,child born is intelligent and fortunate,progress well in education and religious,kind hearted.

5th lord placed in 10th house:Progress well in business and job,acquired education helps to get job in same field.

5th lord placed in 11th house:gets good wealth,good friends and enjoys good happiness of child.

5th lord placed in 12th house:often worried about kids,if placed with mars gives chances of miscarriage.     


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