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Jupiter in vedic astrology

April 6, 2016

Jupiter is the largest planet in the Solar System. It is an incandescent planet. The planet Jupiter is one of the most auspicious and most beneficial planets in the Vedic astrology. Jupiter is termed as Guru, Deva Guru, and Brihaspathi in the astrological context.

Jupiter is the complete naturally benefic planet, referred as ‘Subh-Graha’ an auspicious planet. Yes, no other astrological planets are wholly benefic as Jupiter.

Jupiter is the teacher of the gods and Devas. Jupiter is reputed as the supreme teacher. He is also a father of every living thing in the universe.


  • In Vedic texts, Jupiter influences the intellect, wisdom and speech of the cosmic body.
  • In Vishnu Purana, Jupiter incarnated as Lord Brahma.
  • In Siva Puranas, Jupiter is linked with Lord Ganesha.
  • In mythological tales and legends, Jupiter is linked with Angiras. He is also considered the son of Angira, who is the priest of Gods.

In Rig Veda, one of the holy books of Hindus, Guru Brihaspathi (the planet Jupiter) born to the wife of Angiras. He was born with seven faces and seven luminous rays. He was born as the science of lights, who rules Sun and Moon.

In Skanda Purana Jupiter is described as a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He worshipped Lord Shiva for 1000 years. Pleased by his devotion, Lord Shiva granted him a boon and made him the most benefic planet.

Astrological Implications of Jupiter

The transition phase of Jupiter is approximately 1 year. Jupiter takes 12 years to orbit around the Sun. It stays about 1 year in every zodiac sign (more or less a few days when Jupiter retrogrades).

  • Jupiter is a male planet.
  • Jupiter is friendly with Sun, Moon and Mars.
  • Jupiter is neutral with Saturn.
  • Jupiter has enmity with Mercury and Venus.
  • Jupiter is exalted in the zodiac sign cancer, ruled by Moon. Moon and Jupiter share great acquaintances.
  • Jupiter is debilitated in the zodiac sign Capricorn, ruled by Saturn.
  • Color of this planet is yellow, Thursday is the auspicious day and it rules number 3.

Jupiter owns 9th and 12th house based on Vedic astrology.  Jupiter is the lord of two houses,



Ninth house represents Good Fortune – Bhagyastana,

Jupiter is the lord of the following aspects.

1.Education and knowledge
2.Spirituality, religious inclination, holy places, pilgrim centers,
3.Luck, wealth and fortune
4.Job, career, profession and business
6.Gold jewelry
7.North-east direction
8.Astrology and Astronomy
9.Sound knowledge of Mantra, Vedas, etc.

Favorable transits of Jupiter

Jupiter transit happens once a year.

Transit of Jupiter in the 2nd, 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th houses (calculated from the zodiac sign) brings favorable effects. For instance, in the current year (2015 to 2016), Jupiter is placed in Leo. It is very favorable for people born in the following rashis (zodiac signs).  

  • Cancer – 2nd house transit
  • Aries – 5th house transit
  • Aquarius – 7th house transit
  • Sagittarius – 9th house transit
  • Libra – 11th house transit   

Placement of Jupiter in Birth Chart

Being a divine planet, following placement of Jupiter in houses blesses the natives.

Favorable Placement of Jupiter in the Birth Horoscope:

In general, placement of Jupiter in ascendant (lagna) is one of the most desired placements as the native is blessed with wisdom, intellect, wealth, etc.

  • Jupiter gives more positive results when placed in Kendra houses (1st, 4th, 7th and 10th) in a birth chart as well as in mool-trikona (2nd, 5th, and 9th) houses.
  • Jupiter becomes null / powerless when placed in 6th, 8th and 12th houses.

Jupiter never becomes a Malefic Planet

One of the interesting things about Jupiter is, it never give any malefic effects or become a malefic planet in spite of being positioned in any unfavorable places in a birth chart.

Jupiter placed in 6th, 8th and 12th house from ascendant will not provide any beneficial results to the native, but does not confer any malefic effect. Simply, it remains inactive with no power to bestow the native.

For instance, for Libra ascendants (ruled by Venus, which is an enemy planet of Jupiter) Jupiter becomes the lord of 3rd house and 6th house. Although Jupiter loses it beneficial effect, it never provides malefic results to the native. Simply, it doesn’t make Jupiter a malefic planet, rather makes it powerless.

Even when Jupiter is afflicted or combined with a malefic planet (say Mercury and Jupiter or Venus and Jupiter) Jupiter never becomes malefic, but becomes weak.   

However, the null effects of Jupiter badly influence a person due to lack of power from Jupiter.

Favorable Conjunctions of Jupiter:  

Moon and Jupiter
One of the most favorable and an auspicious conjunction is Jupiter and Moon.

Conjunction of Jupiter and moon forms Gaja-Kesari Yoga. Besides, this yoga is formed when Jupiter is placed in Kendra houses from Moon or vice versa.

It makes the native a warrior, blessed with immense wealth, knowledge and ability to overcome struggles from all parts of life.

Venus and Jupiter
Although Venus and Jupiter are enemies, the conjunction is desirable. Jupiter represents husband in a woman’s horoscope and Venus represents wife in a man’s horoscope.

Jupiter is an important planet in a woman’s horoscope as it influences the marriage and the relationship with the husband.

This combination bestows all possible benefits to the native from both planets.

Mercury and Jupiter

This conjunction makes a person extremely intellectual, skilled, highly knowledgeable and a scholar.
Sun and Jupiter
It makes a person very courageous, favored by government and the native with this conjunction will be wealthy.

Mars and Jupiter

Mars is a natural malefic planet and the conjunction of Jupiter reduces the ill effects of mars. Besides, this is a fortunate conjunction. If a person have manglik dosha, the dosha gets cancelled when Jupiter conjuncts or aspects Mars.

Saturn and Jupiter

Is it favorable conjunction or not? This is one of the very rare combination of planets, happens almost once in every 19 or 20 years. It is one of the rarest conjunctions, but favorable one. If the Saturn is malefic, Jupiter removes the negative effects of Saturn. If the Saturn is benefic, Jupiter expands the horizons to shower the native with immense wealth and fortune.

Ketu and Jupiter
Combination of Ketu and Jupiter represents that the native has reaped the good karma from the past lives.  

The effects of Jupiter with other planet conjunctions vary based on the number of house the planets are placed. If this combination arises in the houses other than 6th, 8th and 12th, it is favorable.

Unfavorable Conjunction of Jupiter:

One of the most unfavorable conjunctions is Jupiter and Rahu. This combination makes an unfavorable yoga or dosha called Guru-Chandal Yoga. In the current year (2016), Jupiter is placed with Rahu in Leo, which forms Guru-Chandal Yoga and this yoga continues until the Jupiter transits to Virgo during the month of August 2016.

  • Jupiter gives wealth, power, status, intelligence along with peace, happiness and stability in life.
  • To the contrary, Rahu gives wealth, power, etc without any sort of happiness and peace in life.

If Jupiter is strong in the native’s horoscope, it slightly reduces the negative effects of rahu. If Rahu is strong in the horoscope, the native is deprived of the effects from Jupiter.  

Guru-Chandal Yoga in 6th house almost destroys the harmony in the life of the native.

How to strengthen the weak / debilitated Jupiter

According to Vedic astrology, any one with weak Jupiter in the birth chart or during transits can do the following remedies to strengthen the effects of Jupiter.

  • Wear yellow clothes often
  • Light oil lamps at temple (in the nav-grah) on Thursdays
  • Help / respect the teachers, gurus, etc
  • Help the elders (those who are the age of your father / grandfather) or those who are needy
  • Clean the nose properly before starting any work
  • Offer chana dal (or a mala made with chana dal) to the Jupiter

When placed in highly favorable position in a natal chart, the native is bestowed with blessings from Jupiter.

Placement of Jupiter in a native’s horoscope directly depict the good deeds and bad deeds earned by the native (Karma) from the past lives of native. Even if Jupiter is not placed in a favorable position in the birth chart, transit of Jupiter provides good results to the natives based on their zodiac sign.

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Pls elaborate what if Ju ra conjunction is im 10 house with leo sign .