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The predictions made on this site are purely based on intuitions and the knowledge acquired though various books on this subject and also guidance from elderly people in this regard. This may not be accurate/convincing in some or more cases. Hence this site/blog does not take any responsibility of any adverse impact/effect or loss of any kind arising from the decision taken by the person concerned based on this prediction.

Results of planets in 12th House

February 22, 2016

In Indian astrology 12th house is associated with expenditures,bed pleasures,imprisonment,travel and much more.If you observe 12th house in birth charts of people then you will find that planet placed in 12th house gives person immense interest,temperament, uncontrolled interest,passion and more.Your feelings and emotions are completely uncontrolled towards 12th house.It is something that gives person temptation.It tells whether person easily attracted towards what kind of things.So many negative things you might have heard about 12th house but 12th do have good things.A person becomes almost expert in field of the planet which is placed in 12th house.12th house tells you that you are that personality.It is even more powerful than your sun or moon signs.Whatever be your sign it can never be more powerful than the planet placed in 12th house.  

Why 12th house is considered so bad ?

12th is considered bad because it indicates person intense desire or wish.When desire is intense then people don't bother whether that desire is fulfilled by right or wrong method. when used wrong methods then person may face the trouble during the period of 12th lord or planet placed in 12th house.  

Lets see how all the planets influence when placed in 12th house.If you find more than one planet in 12th house then you may experience results of both planets.This actually may give you mixed qualities.Conjunction of Saturn,Mars or ketu with any other planet in 12th house may not be considered good.Saturn,Mars,Rahu,Ketu and Sun are malefic planets.Conjunction of any two negative in same house is not considered good.     

Moon in 12th house

People born with moon in 12th house are sensitive.Their emotions get hurt easily which in turn may encourage to develop envy towards person easily.Due to sensitive nature they also find it difficult to socialize.Their talent lies in ability to imagine or visualize.They are good at imagination.

They imagine a lot.Imagination is their power which can give them talent in artistic things.  

Sun in 12th house

Sun is confident and possess leadership qualities.They love to show people that they are best in something.They want a platform where they can show their talent to everyone.To some extent you may find them with ego and attitude but they are often very capable and impressive people.Your sign may not be Leo but this placement of sun do gives qualities of Leo.Because of this placement you may hold expertise in presentation in front of audience.Able to impress the crowd most of the time. 

Venus in 12th house

Venus stands for fun,entertainment,pleasure,relationships and arts.People born with venus in 12th are people who love to enjoy the world.Whatever be their age they never loose interest in fun and enjoyment.I may say they have got immense interest in fun and enjoyment.Their tedency to enjoy is so much that they may not save any money in their life.Their expenditures are often very high.

You hold expertise in art and creativity.You may have talent in that.Another impressive quality is people enjoy your company because you yourself create environment of fun and entertainment.  

Mars in 12th house
Mars is a warrior planet.True nature of warrior can be acquired when Mars is placed in 12th house and rest of the planets also under influenced of Mars.This placement of mars make person short temper.They are often of high temperament.This position of mars gives person talent in field where physical energy is required more,where more bossy or commanding attitude is needed,task where person need to take risk of life.

Such people are always ready to fight with someone which may be physical fight instead of verbal because mars is a planet which encourage people to act.To be successful in career rest of the planets should be well placed in Birth chart.

Jupiter in 12th house

The most auspicious planet in astrology is Jupiter.Venus,Moon and Mercury too are auspicious planet but they are not powerful as Jupiter.Where Jupiter is occupied the house flourish.Jupiter is a planet of knowledge.Any task which involves knowledge or information is represented by Jupiter.Example Learning,Teaching,Educational institute,publishing career,advisers,consultant etc.

Now the best about Jupiter in 12th house is they are good at acquiring knowledge.They have immense interest in learning things and they are often proved very knowledgeable person to others.In smooth circumstances they can become good teachers,advisers,writer or any field which involves sharing of knowledge.  

Saturn in 12th house

Saturn is a planet who often take long projects in hand which always need long time to complete and huge investment.The persons talent is in deep thinking,long term projects,considering all pros and cons before starting projects.So much consideration in mind may keep expenditures of person somewhat high.  

You can say that people with Saturn in 12th house is actually saturnine personality who uses its energy slowly and wisely.The person may not be quick in getting things done. 12th house also stands for enjoyment.People with Saturn in 12th house may not enjoy wasting of money.They often have serious thoughts on using of money which brings maximum result.  

People with Saturn in 12th house are likely to get troubled by court cases because Saturn in 12th will keep expenditures of person for longer period.Placement of Saturn in a sign and nakshatra may hint the subject of court case.         

Mercury in 12th house

Mercury represents intelligence and tricky methods.People with Mercury in 12th house loves tricks and tricky ideas.They are often in search of quick money and may not have patience to go for hard working and complicated methods.They always have good business idea and can develop good business model.Mercury if aspected by soft planets like venus,Moon or Jupiter gives such people mild tricky mind and if influenced by harsh planets like mars,Saturn or Ketu gives them highly tricky mind.The person becomes opportunist if moon too influence. 

Such people are actually personality of mercury who will change their loyalty quickly for better profits.You may find them sweet,very talkative and business minded.They often have good communication skill.     

Rahu in 12th house

Like other planets Rahu is not smart or wise.Rahu is with simple attitude and may ignore many things.People with Rahu in 12th house have strong enemies.People with Rahu in 12th are not wise in spending the money.They spend money blindly. They may have interest in occult subjects too.   

Ketu in 12th house

Ketu is same as mars but much more interested in worldly affairs and not straight forward as mars.People with ketu in 12th house are bold,always ignore or underestimate the power of enemies,stubborn nature,slight rebellious nature,sometimes careless while dealing with serious issues,stubborn attitude when comes to expenditure,

Outside however person may look but even such placement gives pretty bad anger.People who knows will realize.




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