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The predictions made on this site are purely based on intuitions and the knowledge acquired though various books on this subject and also guidance from elderly people in this regard. This may not be accurate/convincing in some or more cases. Hence this site/blog does not take any responsibility of any adverse impact/effect or loss of any kind arising from the decision taken by the person concerned based on this prediction.

Effects of sun in 12 houses As per Indian Astrology.

May 8, 2011

Effect of sun in 1st house

1. Good health.Possess Strength to resist illness.
2. Fair complexion.Glow on face. Attractive personality. 
3. Intelligent your views and ideas will impress others.
4.Dominating. Independent thinking.  
5. An  important person to others. People give lots of attention and importance. 
6. May have interests in doing something independent rather than working for others.  

Effect of Sun in 2nd house

1. Financial status High. Financial status average if placed in Aquarius or Libra.
2. Very good in guessing work.  
3. What one say may go True. 
4. you don't speak until you have something sensational. 
5. In one life such incidents have happen that people may not believe over that.
6. People may feel that you boast yourself.  

Effect of sun in 3rd house

1. Gives Leadership qualities.Expert in Leading.
2.Friends,siblings and Relatives are very influential people and dominating.
3. Gives confident to compete with anybody. 

Effect of sun in 4th house 

1. May be born in a influential family.  Parents have come up in life independently. 
2. Parents may be very dominating and well educated.
3. Residence may be in posh locality.
4. you are dominating and good performer.  

Effect of sun in 5th house

1. Very Bright future.
2. Career surely well established. 
3. Children will be well established in their life.   
4. May posses high degree of education. 
5. Knowledgeable person. A person who possess perfect knowledge.
6. Desire for true knowledge is very strong. 

Effect of sun in 6th house

1. Weak eyesight. 
2. Egoistic.
3. Due to  ego one may become enemy to very powerful people.
4. Possibility of court cases.

Effect of sun in 7th house

Same qualities will be present in your partner which sun gives you in 1st house.    

1. If you are girl then your husband may be very influential person. 
     your husband may posses high post in job or may be big business magnet. 

2. If you are boy then your wife may be rebellion. she will not like to take orders.
     she will be dominating.

Effect of sun in 8th house 

1. sudden Fame and publicity.
2. One have got boastful nature. 
3. Fond of competitions.
4. Tendency to compete with others.
5. Tendency to show-off. 

Effect of sun in 9th house

1. Father may be very powerful person and well known in the society. 
2. Strong belief in stars and destiny. 
3. Father may be very dominating.
4. Always get opportunities to rise High and prove yourself.
5. Born Leader. 
Effect of sun in 10th house 

sun in 10th often make people outstanding performer. such people don't follow others but others follow them. 

For a bright career this is very nice position of sun.

such people are always at some high position. 

While performing any task their mind is not only clear but they do their job with full confidence.  

sun in 10th house will give success in all undertaking.  

Effect of sun in 11th house

1. Achievements will be very high. you will be known for your achievements. 
2.Known for the passions of something rewarding which others don't.  
3.Will have tight control over your possessions. 

Effect of sun in 12th house 

sun in 12th house gives burning desire to be best.

Such people work extremely hard to fulfill their desire. sometimes they may even adopt wrong methods to fulfill their desire.  

Their primary desire is their image in the society.They are egoistic and their false respect in society matters a lot.

Their burning desire to be best take them very high. such people are very popular due to their hard work. 

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what a great and unusial interpretation. thanks!

Very good interpretations Thanks alot.

Respected Sir,

Can you please share your thoughts on how mars will perform when it transits to house no. 9 on February 20, 2016. My moon sign is meen.

Regards, Vishu