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The predictions made on this site are purely based on intuitions and the knowledge acquired though various books on this subject and also guidance from elderly people in this regard. This may not be accurate/convincing in some or more cases. Hence this site/blog does not take any responsibility of any adverse impact/effect or loss of any kind arising from the decision taken by the person concerned based on this prediction.

Moon in 12 different houses

February 23, 2016

The planet moon is famous for some of his or her child like nature.What moon represents are given below
2.Child like tempting mind
3.They get a happy easily when appreciated and unhappy when someone puts negative comment.
4.Due to sensitive nature moon is easily attracted towards fun,pleasure and addictive things.
5.Moon is a planet due to which person may develop addiction easily.
6.In a day there are 60 thousand thoughts come in mind.From this you can realize how much moon makes you think in an entire   day.
7.Sensitive people gets hurt easily and develop envy towards that person very easily.
8.Its easy to be their friend and more easy to be their enemy.
9.Moon is a feminine planet.
10.Moon is curious planet.It is planet which gives person curiosity to know.
11.Imagination is also one talent which is given by moon.People under the influence of moon often imagine a lot.
12.Dreams are also indicated by Moon.
13.People under the influence of moon can become good psychologist.
14.A person with balanced moon will understand the mind of person easily.He or She can make out so many things from facial expression.

Moon in 1st house

This placement of moon gives person innocent look.Their approach towards people is kind.People are attracted towards them because of their nature to understand people.They understand mind of people very nice because of which people like them.But remember that people under the influence of moon are sensitive and may not tolerate dishonest approach.They are easy to be your friend and also easy to be your enemy.They are continuous reader of emotion,action and decision of others and always maintain soft and kind approach towards others.

Moon in 2nd house

Moon represents mind of the person.From moon you may get idea what person often think about.People with moon in 2nd house often think about money.They keep their observations constant on matters related to money.I may say that such people are very much money oriented.Remember that moon is sensitive in nature which sometimes don't give practical thinking.Sometimes out of fear and sometimes out of excitement these people are likely to loose money.In matters of money they may never feel satisfied even if earned good amount of money.Their mood completely depends upon money a lot.Advantage of this placement is this gives person many ideas and thoughts of earning money but most of them will be just imagination.More time they spent in imagination rather than acting on their ideas.
Moon in 3rd house

3rd house stands for friends,siblings,relatives and neighbour.The soft planets in 3rd house gives friendly nature to person and harsh planets in 3rd house gives harsh behaviour towards friends,siblings,relatives and neighbours. Because of moon in 3rd house the mind of the person thinks more about friends and may even develop emotional attachment towards them.If lord of 3rd is not placed in 6th,8th or 12th house then good support from them is expected.Due to soft planet moon you may have good circle of friends and you may also will be willing to do something for friends. 

Moon in 4th house   

4th house stands for home,family members,environment at home,land and properties.Planets like Jupiter,Venus and mercury gives peaceful environment at home and planets like Saturn,mars and ketu gives unhappy environment at home.The person don't feel satisfied and to some extent may maintain a reserved nature.

Moon in 4th house is completely neutral.Neither it is very good as Jupiter and Venus and nor it is negative as Saturn and mars.People with moon in 4th house often keep thinking about family members and the happiness of self.People with moon in 4th house may not find themselves happy.They quarrel at home with family members on silly matters and may get upset easily from family members to some extent.Whether be at home or outside the person don't stop thinking about activities related to their house and family members.   

Moon in 5th house  

5th house stands for kids,education or interest of person in learning.Different planet in 5th house gives different interest in learning.For example Venus in 5th house gives more interest in art and creativity but not necessary that it may become career in life until person has got strong will power.  

Now what are the results if moon is placed in 5th house.In terms of learning anything this placement is good because due to moon person is always curious to know things.Due to this placement you are ever ready for education and learning.In terms of learning the person is good learner.

The main thing in which these people are good at is their understanding and knowledge of human mind.You can say they are perhaps a good psychologist but if they have tendency to mischief then they can be good at playing with mind of the people.They have very good knowledge of human emotions.They themselves love to observe people.They may have talent to know the person from inside.  

Moon in  6th house
6th house stands for enemies,opposition,obstacle,health issues and competitions.In short 6th house is nothing but a obstacle which stops you from doing something.Small obstacle are easy to overcome and big obstacle are difficult to overcome.It can be any kind of problem from mental to people with moon in 6th house concentrate a lot on obstacle.When person thinks a lot about trouble or obstacle then soon he or she gets solution for it.Because of their tendency to think about problem converts them into a person who finds a solution.Due to continuous thinking of problems these people may have restless mind because they trouble themselves a lot until they find a solution to their problem.Albert Einstein also had moon in 6th house.

Moon in 7th house   

7th house stands for love and relationship and friendship with opposite sex.Moon in 7th house indicates persons mind is often busy thinking about people of opposite sex or spending most of the time with them and if free then day dreaming about their love or partner.These people are ever ready to get into relationship.Also due to placement of moon they may expect a lot from their kind partner.Quarrel on silly issues with each other will be common.To enjoy good relationship in life it is necessary for you to let things go and keep the expectation practical.Due to impractical expectations you may spoil your relationships.

Moon in 8th house   

Moon is sensitive in nature.Placement of moon is not considered good in 4th,8th and 12th house because at these places persons emotions overflow.Their mind is less stable when placed in these houses.8th house and 12th house are such that people develop habits which harm themselves.

8th house also stands for tendency or persons passion.Moon in 8th house is less likely to give calm mind to person.The person may have fears which may not be practical.Person may be sensitive towards water places,cold weathers,cold drinks or eatables.They even may have unnecessary worries to some extent.

All the above negative effect will be mild if moon is placed in soft signs and aspected by Jupiter or Venus.It may slightly trouble if influenced by Saturn or Ketu.

Moon in 9th house

9th house stands for persons faith in luck,destiny or God.Harsh planets in 9th house gives less faith in luck,destiny or god and soft planets make person religious and believer in god.Moon in 9th house indicates person mind never forget to think that luck is playing some role in his or her life.To most of the good or bad happenings in life person may blame luck.Actually such coincidences may happen in life which encourage them to believe in luck and destiny.

I came across two such horoscopes who had moon and Saturn in 9th house.Conjunction of Saturn and moon is often considered inauspicious.They both had such coincidences in Horoscope because of which they believe they always have a bad luck.Saturn plays role here which gives them negative thinking.In yogas the Saturn and moon is also called Vish yoga.

Moon in 10th house

This placement of moon i consider the best placement in the horoscopes because if moon is placed anywhere in house it encourage person more to think about the subject but here moon actually encourage the person to act.Moon gives wandering mind and 10th house stands for work or task need to do.Now the mind is actually concentrated on works to be done.This is very nice placement of moon which actually keeps person busy.The concentration on work is good and person is getting the job done.

With well placed 10th lord these people are likely to do well in their career because of their good concentration on work.Research shows that the busier people are, the HAPPIER they are.

Moon in 11th house

People with moon in 11th house have many dreams to achieve something in life,desire to have so many possession and there is lot they have which they dream a lot.These people think a lot about what can be achieved and what they want to achieve in their life.

Well placed 2nd,5th and 10th house can give them a very bright career.   

Moon in 12th house

Moon in 12th house is not considered good because this placement of moon encourage person to think about pain,loss,what not achieved in life,trouble faced in life.Their mind is often disturbed from past bad events.Any bad event in life may have negative impact on their mind.Depending upon the house where cancer is located in birth chart may hint what disturb their mind very much.Such people are very sensitive.Things easily hurt them which encourage them to take revenge.To some extent they are child like personality who take negative comments seriously and gets happy easily when appreciated.Due to sensitive nature they also find themselves difficult to socialize well.

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