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From 2017 to Jan 2020 Saturn transit the sign Sagittarius(sidereal). Sagittarius is a fire sign ruled by auspicious planet Jupiter.Saturn in a signs of Jupiter or any planet except mercury will do pretty well if not falling at 3rd,6th and 12th house.  

In these long three years Saturn influence three different nakshatras which are ruled by Ketu,Venus and Sun.The transit over Mool Nakshatra may not be auspicious and transit over Venus and and Sun nakshatra will be less troublesome than Mool nakshatra.

Lets see how Saturn influence all the 12 sidereal Ascendant/Rising sign.

Aries Rising sign/Aries Ascendant

For Aries Rising sign Sagittarius becomes the 9th sign which for Aries stands for luck and destiny.Saturn by nature is slow planet and often teach people the importance of patience.So what he does for Aries is slow down the coming opportunities.In terms of fortune or opportunities this period may not be auspicious.

From 9th house Saturn aspect 11th,3rd and 6th house which may not be auspicious in terms of relationship with Friends,Siblings and cousins.     

1st Nakshatra Mool from 26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.

In this period Saturn remains in the nakshatra of Mool ruled by Ketu.Mool Nakshatra is one of Gandant Nakshatra which is not considered auspicious.For Aries the lord of the Nakshatra is transiting Capricorn ,10th house,which stands for work place.The indicates lost opportunity at work place.

This Saturn transit keeps the fortune of person very delayed which may influence the happiness at home.

2nd Nakshatra Purava ashada 2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019.

The ruler of this nakshatra is venus which for Aries actually influence the houses of money,finance,family and love life.In a same period Jupiter transit the house of love life.This period is very auspicious in terms of enjoying the company of opposite sex.However the person may not show much interest in wedlock but may show interest in enjoying the company of partner.  

If you are looking for life partner then the period up to Oct 2018 is auspicious because this period is likely to give more proposals.  

Taurus Rising sign/Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus Rising sign the Sagittarius sign falls at 8th house which stands for sudden and unexpected events.Saturn transit over 8th house is likely to give heavy expenditures and to some extent health issues.  

1st Nakshatra Mool from 26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.  

The 1st Nakshatra which saturn transit is Mool,Ruled by Ketu.Ketu is very fierce in nature due to which transit of Saturn may not be auspicious for Taurus Rising sign.The lord of the nakshatra influence the 9th house of luck and destiny.To some extent this transit is expected to do well because it supports good fortune.

2nd Nakshatra Purava ashada 2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019.

The next Nakshatra which Saturn influence is ruled by Venus.For Taurus Venus stands for health of the person.The saturn transit over this nakshatra rules over health which may bring some trouble.Venus is planet of fun and enjoyment.It would be wise to avoid any kind of excess pleasure or fun because your health may suffer due to bad habits.From Sept 2017 to Oct 2018 Even Jupiter transit the 6th house of health issues.More care need to take in terms of health from March 2018 to Oct 2018.  

Gemini Rising sign/Gemini Ascendant

Sagittarius is 7th house for Gemini which stands for love life.Saturn transiting this sign indicates in this period you are likely to enjoy good company of opposite sex and may get opportunity to get into relationship.Saturn in terms of thinking is worried and often consider several aspect due to which you may not enjoy smooth relationship in this period.  

1st Nakshatra Mool from 26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.

The first nakshatraMool,Ruled by Ketu,is fierce in nature due to which you may not enjoy smooth relationship till march 2018.   

2nd Nakshatra Purava ashada 2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019.

Venus is natural significator of relationship,fun and enjoyment.For Gemini Venus rules 12th and 5th house which indicates they enjoy relationships well.Saturn transit over the nakshatra is auspicious.Indicates moments of enjoyment with partner.

Cancer Rising sign/Cancer Ascendant  

For Cancer Rising sign Saturn is transiting 6th house of obstacles,health issues,competitions etc.Saturn transiting this sign may give trouble in terms of health but only to some extent.

6th house may stand for obstacle or competition but when a person wins the competition its success.6th house also stands for correcting the problems which person is already facing.It depends upon the birth chart of person whether person handles problem in a aggressive way or in a diplomatic way. The Saturn transit over 6th house indicates person is concentrating over problem which he or she is facing from long time or solving the problem may take long time which may become the concern for Cancer Rising.  

1st Nakshatra Mool from 26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.

The first Nakshatra saturn transiting is mool,ruled by Ketu,is fierce in nature.This shows solving a problem which is very intense and not allowing you to rest.Lord of nakshatra ,Ketu,is transiting the 7th house for Cancer which indicates problem you may face is in your love life.  

2nd Nakshatra Purav ashada 2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019.

This nakshatra which is ruled by Venus owns 4th and 9th house which often stands for fortune and happiness at home.Saturn transiting this place means person concentration will be more over happiness and comfort of the house.   

Leo Rising sign/Leo Ascendant

Sagittarius becomes the 5th house of learning.Any kind of learning is seen from this house.Any possibility of being eligible for training is also seen from this house.Saturn transit over this house indicates you will be concerned about the education or any kind of training which helps you to be better for job or business.

The transit may keep your desire partially fulfilled because you are likely to be not satisfied with marks or knowledge obtained from the source.

1st Nakshatra Mool from 26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.

Initially transit will be over mool nakshatra ruled by Ketu which is actually placed in Capricorn,6th house.This Saturn transit over house of education forms link with the house of competition.In this you are likely to participate in competitive examination.The rest who are participating in other exams or training or course may face much trouble in clearing any exams,training or course.

2nd Nakshatra Purav ashada 2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019.

After nakshatra of ketu Saturn transit Nakshatra of venus which owns 3rd and 10th house for Leo ascendant.This transit is likely to give some rest from such a hectic period of learning.This transit may even help finding good job or chances of selection in training for better prospects.         

Best of luck to all for better and bright future

Virgo Rising Sign/Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo Rising sign Sagittarius become the house of happiness and environment at home.Malefic planets like Saturn,Mars and ketu are not conducive for friendly environment at home.Saturn stands for slow,time consuming,cumbersome,teacher of patience,observer of negative activities.

This transit may bring environment which may not be friendly for family members.For a short period person may develop suspicious attitude towards family members due to which family members won't be happy from Virgo Rising .The mind will show more interest in worrying about something or other matters of home.

solution to all above will be to keep yourself busy whenever you find your mind in worries.

1st Nakshatra Mool (26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.)

The first nakshatra the saturn transit is mool,ruled by ketu.The lord of the nakshatra is transiting the house of education and kids.Teenagers or students may find it difficult to concentrate on studies at home.For parent the relationship with their kid may not go smooth.

2nd Nakshatra Purva ashada (2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019)

The next nakshatra which saturn enters is purvashada,ruled by venus.For Virgo Ascendant Venus rules 2nd and 9th house shows venus influence over fortune and finance.Compared to mool transit of saturn over nakshatra of venus is much better because it brings some relief from the worry.The period could also bring some major expenditures.

Libra Rising Sign/Libra Ascendant 

For Libra Saturn is transiting over 3rd house of friends,siblings and cousins.Due to this for short period relation with some of your friends,siblings or cousin may not go smooth.There are also chances of travel to some places.In this period you may not get along with Sagittarius.

1st Nakshatra Mool (26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.)

The 1st nakshtra which saturn transit will be mool,ruled by ketu.Ketu by nature is restless,rough,with a strong desire and willing to get things done by any means.Here Saturn plays its role in terms of relation with friends,siblings and cousins.Due to rough nature of ketu and gloomy nature of saturn you may not enjoy the good company or support from your friends,siblings or cousins.  

2nd Nakshatra purvashada (2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019)

The transit of saturn over nakshatra of purvashada is expected to bring happy results because venus is a planet of fun and enjoyment.Saturn being 5th and 4th lord indicates for students the period may not be that beneficial.This indicates fun and enjoyment with friends may distract the mind of students.

Scorpio Rising sign/Scorpio Ascendant 

For Scorpio Rising sign Saturn transit over the 2nd house of money or money flow in family.For period from 2017 to 2020 person may experience some trouble in flow of finance.There may be excess expenditures or you may not utilize the money properly.An opportunity to make money must be used wisely.

1st Nakshatra Mool (26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.)

Transit over this nakshatra depend upon present position of ketu and natal position of ketu.This transit for scorpio may give strong desire to make money but you are likely to get troubled by your friends,siblings or cousins in terms of using the opportunity of money.

2nd Nakshatra purvashada (2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019)

Venus rules the purvashada nakshatra.Venus is a planet of fun and enjoyment and for Scorpio its rules the house of partner and expenditure.In this period you are likely to loose great amount of money on heavy expenditures like shopping,travel,vacations etc.        

Sagittarius rising sign/Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius Saturn is transiting over the 1st house of body,mind,mental attitude,approach towards others.Saturn transiting 1st house aspect the houses of friends and relationship.This indicates that in this period you may develop a tendency to worry,you may think a lot,approach towards other may go reserved instead of friendly.It is transit which may bring some new mental and physical change and new thoughts to you.

Being lord of 3rd and 4th it also show that you are likely to be very much influenced by your siblings,friends or family members.  

1st Nakshatra Mool (26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.)   

The 1st nakshatra which saturn transit is mool,ruled by ketu.Transit over this nakshatra may give very serious approach towards every one.You may say concerned only about self or may maintain a very busy schedule.But suddenly why so busy is indicated by transit of ketu over house of money.This shows you are showing  good interest in money making and working hard on that.

2nd Nakshatra purvashada (2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019)

After so much hard work its natural to show the interest in fun and enjoyment.The Purvashada nakshatra is ruled by venus who stands for fun,entertainment or relaxing period.For Sagittarius Venus rules 11th and 6th lord indicates there may be some kind of even gains in this period.

Capricorn Rising/Capricorn Ascendant

For Capricorns this transit may not be auspicious.Saturn transit over 12th house often gives some slight trouble like accidents,sudden loss,court case or heavy expenditures etc.Results of transit are often combined with Vimshottari Dasha to realize the intensity.If you are not into Dasha of planet which influence the 12th or 12th lord then this transit is likely to show just mild negative results.

1st Nakshatra Mool (26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.)

The first nakshatra which saturn transit is mool,ruled by ketu.Transit of this depends upon placement of ketu(south node )in birth chart.Ketu by nature is not auspicious .It may encourage the person to land into trouble out of greed.An ample opportunity may turn into serious trouble.Before you come across any trouble the transit of benefic Jupiter is likely to give you some benefits too like progress in job or business.  

2nd Nakshatra purvashada (2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019)

Transit of Saturn over this nakshatra is going to give moderate results because purvashada nakshatra is ruled by venus,benefical planet for Capricorns.This indicates travel to distant place for better education ,higher studies or training in job.  

Aquarius Rising sign/Aquarius Ascendant

For Aquarius ascendant Sagittarius becomes the 11th house of gains and recognition.This transit indicates gains through long term projects.Any kind of gain in this period will be slow,steady but fruitful because after Saturn even Jupiter transit the same house indicates success.

1st Nakshatra Mool (26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.)

The 1st nakshatra which Saturn transit is ruled by ketu which shows Aquarians are working towards their goals with complete dedication and positive attitude.The ruler of mool nakshatra is transiting the 12th house of expenditures indicates their decision is firm and they are willing to put all energy.

2nd Nakshatra purvashada (2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019)

Venus is very beneficial planet for Aquarius Ascendant being ruler of 4th house of happiness and 9th house of fortune.Jointly this also stands for support from parents ,family members or elders.Transit over this nakshatra indicates you may worry about your inheritance for some time.This also shows expenditures on heavy luxury items for home or family members.  

Pisces Rising sign/Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces Ascendant Sagittarius becomes the 10th house of duties,responsibilities or work to be done.Transit of any planet over 10th house often keep person busy in subjects which are ruled by transiting planet.Also how smooth the projects or any task taken gets complete is seen from 10th house. 

Saturn remains in one sign for long period and Saturn itself stands for long term projects.Long term projects always involves huge amount of time,money and patience hence Saturn also stands for worry or delay because its natural for person to worry when projects takes long time to complete.

This Saturn transit over 10th house is likely to give long projects to you.whether you be student,employed in some company or doing some business Saturn makes sure if you are not doing any difficult task then it must be assigned to you.This may keep you very busy for these long three years.However in three years planet may be in one sidereal zodiac sign but not in same nakshatra. 

1st Nakshatra Mool (26 Jan 2017 to 2 March 2018.)

The first nakshatra which saturn transit is ruled by ketu who is rough in nature and prefers to gets things done by any means.It is planet which creates greed,strong desire and very high hopes and expectations.In this period with with high hopes and strong desire you are going to work towards the opportunity offered.   

2nd Nakshatra purvashada (2 March 2018 to 27th Dec 2019)

This second nakshatra which Saturn transit is ruled by planet Venus.Venus is something which don't match with qualities of working nature of 10th house.For Pisces Venus is lord of 3rd and 8th house shows the work done in this period will not be for the self benefit.After so much hard work you may show interest in fun and entertainment.Good for pleasure and not so good for smooth performance at work place.  


The predictions made on this site are purely based on intuitions and the knowledge acquired though various books on this subject and also guidance from elderly people in this regard. This may not be accurate/convincing in some or more cases. Hence this site/blog does not take any responsibility of any adverse impact/effect or loss of any kind arising from the decision taken by the person concerned based on this prediction.