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Rahu(north node) and Ketu(south node)transit over Leo and Aquarius in 2016-2017

March 6, 2016

31st Jan 2016 Rahu and Ketu leaves Virgo and Pisces and enters Leo and aquarius sign.Every change of planet have impact on all signs but all of them don’t run into same vimshottari Dasha.

What exactly are Rahu and Ketu and what they does ?

Rahu and Ketu are not planets in sky.They are mathematical calculated point.They are also called nodes of moon because in calculation planet moon is also used.

By nature Rahu and ketu are opposite in nature.You will find that Rahu and ketu are always situated opposite to each other.If ketu is in 1st house then Rahu will be in 7th house and If Rahu is in 1st house then Ketu will be in 7th house.This means both attract each other like partner who need each other.

There are so many planet and in that which gives simple nature to person is Rahu.Because of simple nature it also gives simple looks to people.Because of their simplicity people often underestimate them or give less importance to them.Lazy mind,inactive,careless attitude,interest in occult subjects are some results of Rahu.Because of their simple nature they need one smart person who can actually take care of him or her in business or life.Because of this Rahu is attracted to ketu and Ketu is attracted to Rahu.

Rahu is like a assitant to ketu.Ketu likes Rahu because Rahu is simple in nature and willing to do what anyone says.Rahu likes Ketu because ketu is a like a leader to him or her who can direct him towards the proper direction. 

The above which I told you is good part played between Rahu and Ketu but there is negative part played between rahu and ketu and perhaps more visible because everyone see self interest first in this world.Rahu may be simple in his or her nature but Ketu is not simple.Ketu is cunning ,very selfish and greedy.He or she see opportunities to easily exploit Rahu due to his or her simple nature.Because of this when Ketu transit any house people feel lots of hope and opportinities.

House where Rahu sits looses its qualities because that is the place where people put least attention. 

Jan 30th 2016 to August 18 2017 Rahu transit Leo sign and Ketu Transit Aquarius sign. 

How this transit may influence all the 12 Ascendant is given below:

Aries Ascendant 

For Aries Rahu transit the house of education and learnng.For students or people who are showing interest in learning something may loose interest due to some reasons.They may not understand the value of knowledge they have acquired or acquiring.Same way it works for people who have joined new job or searching new job.If the employer expect you to complete the training or go for the training then there are less chnaces of selection but atleast for a year you won't be interested in learning further or want to take break from study. 

But you are diverting your attention from learning to gaining.11th house of gains is transited by Ketu which may give you strong desire to achive something.To achive your desire you would pay less attention to study,learning or training.

Taurus Ascendant

For Taurus Rahu transit 4th house of happiness,environment at home,household chores,relationship with family members and land and properties.This transit shows you are likely to pay less to your home and family members.If you are looking for any or property then this entire year is not considered good because you are not likely to get good land or property.If are willing to buy any property or land then check the land and property nicely because what you see may not be the truth.

You will be unable to pay attention at home because of more work load at Job or business Ketu transit the house of work.You have got some serious and difficult job to do.Your desire to get things done in this period is strong.You are likely to be very busy person entire year.For the lots of work done you may also get appreciation.For people who are in job or looking for job this year seems good.

Gemini Ascendant 

For Gemini Rahu transit the house of friends,siblings and cousins.In this period you may maintain less contact with them.Ketu is transiting 9th house which may give some luck this year.some coincidences may make you feel that good luck is going.

Cancer Ascendant

For Cancer Rahu transit the house of money.This period may not be good in terms of hard cash or finance.You may not get good opportunities to make money or you yourself may not show interest in getting the money.You may not manage your finance properly. 

8th house is transited by ketu.This transit may have some impact on your health.It would be wise to take care of your health.

Leo Ascendant

For Leo Rahu transit the 1st house of personality.1st house just don’t influence the body but both mind and body altogether.This sort of transit may not have any major impact on Leo if 1st is strong in birth chart.But yes to mind it may influence to some extent.Due to Rahu transit you may pay less attention to yourself.You may show less interest in daily routine.I would say that this year you are likely to be very inactive and slightly tensed due to aspect of saturn on Rahu.

Ketu always transit opposute houses.For Leo ketu transit the 7th house of love and relationship.If you are already into relationship then to some extent slight trouble you may face in your relationship.   

Virgo Ascendant

For Virgo this year could be slight troublesome.Rahu is transiting the house of expenditures.This house indicates where and how person uses its maximum energy.The Rahu transit indicates this year you will spend your money won’t be interested to know how much is going out and where it is going. 

6th house is the house of enemies or obstacles.Anything which stop you from doing things smoothly is indicated by 6th house.But to overcome obstacles is called improvement.Its observed that ketu in 6th house gives often strong powerful enemies which can scare you to some extent.Its observed that when ketu transit 6th house people often get troubled by rowdy or theif type people.Intensity may depend upon current Dasha(Major or sub period).

Libra Ascendant

For Libra Rahu transit the 11th house of gains and profit.In this entire period you may not show any interest in your achievements and goals.You wont be interested in any gains and profits but due transit of Ketu over 5th house you may show good interest in learning something new or gathering some relevant information on something.

In terms of leanring this period could be good.Students and trainee are likely to perfrom well in this period due to immense interest in the subject.

Scorpio Ascendant

For scorpio Rahu transit the 10th house of work.10th house tells person interest in doing the work and way of doing the work.Rahu is simple in nature with lazy mind.To get things done nice some fire planets like mars or sun should transit 10th house but Transit of Rahu over 10th gives perons lazy thoughts.In this period scorpios are likely to avoid the job.There are can be many reasons for not doing the work.Whatever be the reason in the end scorpio may come to conclusion of quiting.

People who are already in job are likely to loose job or their performance at work may suffer.Soon Jupiter enters 11th house for Scorpio which may be rewarding for scorpio which in turn may save scorpio from loosing job or getting better job.

At same time Ketu transit 4th house.4th house stands for environment at home which often depends upon relation with family members.In this period you may not feel comfortable at home.There may be lack of peace at home.

Sagittarius Ascendant

For Sagittarius Rahu transit the 9th house of luck and destiny.9th shows how much you have faith in luck and ofcourse that faith is developed due to repetitive coincidences.With Rahu transit this year you may feel there is no luck with you this year.You are likely to show less interest in religious acitivities.

Ketu is transiting 3rd house.3rd house stands for siblings,friend,cousins and relatives.Ketu transit over 3rd house indicates you relation with them in this period may not go well.

Capricorn Ascendant   

For Capricorn Rahu transit the 8th house and Ketu transit the 2nd house of money.Rahu transit over 8th house may give some mild health issues which capricorns no need to worry.

2nd house stands for money and ketu transit over house of money gives opportunities to earn good money.Even Jupiter is going to enter the house of gains and profit.This year is likely to give good money opportunities to capricorns.

I may say that this year 2016 would be money year for Capricorns.

Aquarius Ascendant

Ketu is a planet with intense desire.This year your mind will be fillled with some intense thoughts which in turn may encourage aquarius to work with dedication and concentration.The intense thoughts may bring change in behaviour.Saturn is already transiting 10th house of job which may give aquarius long term project.The intense thoughts may take aquarius away from people who are close to them.   

Rahu transit the 7th house of love and relationship.Job of Rahu is to take away the interest from person.Your interest to get into relationship or attraction towards opposite sex may reduce.If you are already into relationship then you are not likely to pay attention to your wife or girlfriend.  

Pisces Ascendant

For Pisces Ascendant Rahu transit 6th house of enemies or obstacles.The Rahu transit over 6th house indicates you may underestimate or ignore your opponent.This year you are also likely to ignore your health.

Ketu is transiting the house of expenditures.This may give you intense desire to spend money somewhere.The year 2016 you are likely to take decisions which may include much risk.Success may depend upon the current dasha you are running.           



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